Barrier-free living

ErgoSystem® + METRIC®

The ErgoSystem® allows completely barrier-free solutions to be incorporated into any architectural scheme and into any setting. The ErgoSystem® boasts elegant formal attributes, variants in two materials, a wealth of colour combinations, top-quality workmanship and an incomparable product depth that leaves nothing to be desired.

Sytem Variants

ErgoSystem® A100

ErgoSystem® A100 in Aluminium combines a diagonally aligned oval rail cross-section that is unique to the market with added gripping space. At the heart of the budget-conscious system are randomly configurable handrail combinations with profiles that can be cut to size on site and a range of accessories to suit almost any conceivable application. Variable colour schemes ensure custom-adaptation to any setting.

ErgoSystem® E300

ErgoSystem® E300 in Stainless Steel is just as much a joy to take hold of as it is for the discerning eye to behold. It is a great source of assistance without looking clinical. The diagonal alignment of its oval cross-section affords the hand optimum gripping quality whilst reducing the force it exerts when taking hold of the hardware. Flexibility is guaranteed by a completely barrier-free system comprising more than 400 products that can be combined and added to in line with the application in hand.

METRIC® Bath-Accessoires

The concept of “atmosphere” has begun to play an ever more important role alongside purely functional aspects. Factors such as “naturalness”, “simplicity” and “feeling good” are setting new standards both in the domestic sphere and in hotels and public areas. Growing significance attaches in the process to the selection and combination of natural materials, finishes and colours. FSB echoes this trend in the design of its METRIC® bathroom accessory series.

ErgoSystem® E300 and A100: One system, two variants

Functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics: these are the three concepts underpinning the ErgoSystem®, the upshot of our applying more than 135 years of excellence in all aspects of “handle culture” to the design of barrier-free products for sanitary applications.

Barrier freedom has long become a must for residential and nursing schemes that are up with the times. With its ErgoSystem®, FSB has just the solution for the most varied of operator and client requirements. That’s down to an ideal mix of design, function and value-added. The system’s inclusion in top-notch hotels as well as public and private buildings is graphic proof of this.

The system’s comprehensive range includes products tailor-made for those who simply desire a bit more convenience; products which, once used, they will never wish to do without again.

The classic ErgoSystem® E300 (E = Stainless Steel, 300 = “high grade”/heavy duty), has been delivering peerless system depth, superior design and well-conceived functionality for more than 10 years now. ErgoSystem® A100 (A = Aluminium, 100 = attractively priced/heavy duty) embodies the same qualities whilst also scoring heavily in terms of budget-consciousness, handling and interior harmonisation. Whereas ErgoSystem® E300 is often preferred for exclusive fit-outs and private wards, ErgoSystem® A100 likewise allows budget-sensitive projects to benefit from FSB quality.

ErgoSystem’s quality has been underlined amongst other things by a wealth of awards. “What more can one ask of universal design”, was the unanimous response of the red dot jury, for instance. The system has also been accorded the quality kitemarks of the German Society for Gerontological Technology and the Rhineland Technical Inspection Agency. ErgoSystem® has - like all FSB products - been certified to EN 15804 and meets the prerequisites for sustainable building as a result.

Hands grip ovally

Common to both system segments is the fundamental notion, unique to the marketplace, of a diagonally aligned, oval grip cross-section that rigorously observes the ergonomics of good grip to deliver unparalleled convenience and dependable support.

There is a basic difference between taking hold of an object and enclosing it. Enclosure involves the whole surface of the hand and hence a far more extensive transmission of forces. The act of enclosing is the most archetypal form of grip: we all resort to it instinctively whenever we have to support our own body weight. An oval cross-section conforms particularly well to the laws governing the anatomy of the hand. The hand encloses the elliptical cross-section snugly. The effort is distributed evenly between all finger joints and optimum use is made of all parts of the hand including the wrist. As a result, far less force needs to be exerted by the hand to prevent it losing its grip than with a circular cross-section.

Oval styling offers the greatest possible support whilst requiring little muscular exertion. The oval section is thus organically predisposed to being adopted as a shape for handles – especially if it is rotated through 45° so as to become tilted diagonally forwards. This echoes the spatial sequence gone through when taking hold of something. The arm is in search of direction and support and describes a diagonal motion issuing from the shoulder joint and finding completion in the act of enclosure. A sturdy triangle is thus formed between the hand and shoulder used and the area the person is standing on. This causes bodily force to be transmitted via arm and hand to optimum effect.

FSB Anti-Infection Coating

No matter whether it is door or window hard­ware or the bar­rier-free Er­goSys­tem®, FSB prod­ucts can make a de­ci­sive con­tri­bu­tion to re­duc­ing the risk of in­fec­tion for pa­tients, staff and vis­i­tors. And that not only in patient rooms, but also in bath­rooms and other areas of the build­ing.

Special at­ten­tion must be paid to hygiene in all areas in which there are a large number of people with weak­ened immune systems – FSB Anti-In­fec­tion Coating (AIC) helps you keep things well in hand.

Handrails, handles and levers – but also any attachments and accessories found in sanitary facilities – are associated with a great potential risk of pathogen transmission.

The Er­goSys­tem® lit­er­ally has a good handle on clean­li­ness: the op­tional an­tibac­te­r­ial coating should be used to treat all sur­faces found in areas in which maximal hygiene is para­mount. The FSB Anti-In­fec­tion Coating can be applied to stain­less steel prod­ucts of the Er­goSys­tem® E300 as well as the alu­minium prod­ucts of the A100 line.

Illustrative projects

AZ Sint-Jan, Brugge/Oostende

VK Studio Architects Planners & Designers

Speicher 7, Mannheim

Schmucker and Partner

Erich-Kästner-School, Oelde

farwick + grote