Barrier-free living

ErgoSystem® + METRIC®

Whether hospital, care concept, student dormitory or luxury hotel: With the ErgoSystem® the integration of a barrier-free solution into every architectural concept and every ambience succeeds and leaves nothing to be desired in the design of barrier-free rooms according to DIN 18 040. This also applies to planning according to the international standards for AT B 1600 and Switzerland SIA 500.

Functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics: these are the three concepts behind the ErgoSystem®, for which we have applied our 140 years of expertise in the field of "grips and handles" to the design of barrier-free products for the sanitary sector.

Accessibility has long been a matter of course in contemporary living and care concepts. With its ErgoSystem®, FSB supplies the right solution for a wide variety of operator and building owner requirements. This is due to an optimum combination of design, function and economic added value. The fact that we have also found our way into first-class hotels and public and private buildings is impressive proof of this.

All those who want more comfort and safety will find practical products in the extensive program that they will quickly no longer want to do without.

The ErgoSystem® E300 (E = stainless steel, 300 = "high class" / heavy duty) stands for unmatched system depth, superior design and sophisticated functionality. The ErgoSystem® A100 (A = aluminum, 100 = budget / heavy duty) builds on these standards and evolves them in terms of budget appeal, handling and interior tuning. While the ErgoSystem® E300 is often preferred for exclusive fittings and optional service areas, the ErgoSystem® A100 also allows budget-sensitive properties to enjoy FSB quality.

The quality of the ErgoSystem® manifests itself not least in a multitude of awards. "You can't ask for more from universal design," was the statement of the jury of the red dot award. The German Society for Gerontology and TÜV Rheinland have given their seals of approval to the system and - like all FSB products - it is certified to EN 15 804, thus meeting the requirements for sustainable building.

ErgoSystem® E300 and A100: One barrier-free system, two variants plus accessories

ErgoSystem® A100

Discover the ErgoSystem® A100 in aluminum with its unique diagonal-oval handle cross-section and extended gripping space. This budget-friendly system offers customizable handrail combinations with shortenable profiles, as well as an extensive range of accessories for a variety of applications. Design your barrier-free products with variable color constellations to suit your personal ambience. Learn more about the ErgoSystem® A100 and its unique features.

ErgoSystem® E300

The ErgoSystem® E300 made of high-quality stainless steel combines both ergonomic grip and aesthetic requirements. With its diagonal alignment and oval cross-section, it enables optimum gripping quality and reduces the amount of force required for gripping. The ErgoSystem® E300 offers over 400 products that can be flexibly combined and expanded to meet your individual requirements. Learn more about the wide range of possibilities and the first-class quality of the ErgoSystem® E300.

METRIC® Bathroom Accessories

In any ambience, METRIC® bathroom accessories cut a fine figure and impress with their design defined by geometric shapes. The outstanding feature of METRIC® is the design determined by geometric shapes, which allows a calm and harmonious integration into the most diverse bathroom concepts. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, METRIC® places great emphasis on ergonomic criteria that ensure effective support for movement. Learn more about the stylish aesthetics and ergonomic benefits of METRIC® bathroom accessories.

ErgoSystem® A100 + Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier

The trio of elements for outstanding design includes colour: Carefully considered, the interaction of material, form and colour gives rise to a quality of design that delights both hand and eye alike. ErgoSystem® A100 shows that there are no limits when it comes to aesthetic, barrier-free comfort.

FSB + Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier offer virtually endless design options. The timeless colour palette comprises 63 perfectly matching shades inspired by the colours of nature. Door and window hardware of the FSB 1267 product family and handles and accessories from the ErgoSystem® A100 are available in the perfectly coordinated architectural colours.

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