Door and window hardware

Your hand tool for architecture

Our conviction: Door and window handles in harmony with the architecture. When choosing a door or window handle, it is crucial for us that it fits harmoniously with the surrounding architecture. The handle is an element that compresses the language of the room and significantly shapes its design. In our extensive FSB range, you will find designs that match contemporary and classic architecture in all its facets.

High-quality lever handles, glass door fittings and more - FSB for builder:inside and architect:inside

FSB offers a wide selection of high-quality door handles, glass door fittings, knobs, window handles and push-in handles for builders:inside and architects:inside. Our products combine form, material and function in a well thought-out and versatile design philosophy. Each of our door handles has a unique character and blends perfectly with the user's hand and the surrounding architecture. Our carefully coordinated range forms a harmonious product family.

For normal interior doors with low to medium stress, we recommend our FSB ASL® object fittings with advanced adapter technology that set new standards. These solutions offer the perfect combination of functionality and design. For heavy-duty doors in commercial buildings, FSB AGL compensating bearing technology is available with an increased tensile load and a continuous function of 1.5 million tested cycles. Naturally also in fire protection design and selected models for escape doors.

Our product range also includes hardware solutions that pick up on the current trend of flush integration of functional parts in doors. With these products, you can set architectural accents and make your rooms even more attractive. Discover the diversity of our products and be inspired by our passion for architecture. We would like to help you grasp architecture and make your visions come true.

Overview of our fittings for doors and windows

Consistent design for doors and windows - FSB product families.

Our product families enable consistent and attractive fittings for all doors and windows in a building. Each of our lever handles is distinguished by its individual character and blends in perfectly with the user's hand and the surrounding architecture. Our coordinated product family includes glass door hardware, lever handles for framed doors, knobs and window handles. Discover the wide range of possibilities to create a harmonious design concept for your doors and windows.

Variety of window handles for every need - Discover our assortment

In terms of form and functionality, our extensive range offers a variety of convincing answers - including window handles in more than 35 design variants with oval or angular rosettes. In addition, you will find technical-functional designs for different application scenarios. Whether lockable, latchable or lockable, our window handles are designed to last and be a joy to use. Discover the diverse possibilities of our window handles now.

Brilliant elegance: Experience our high-quality glass door fittings

Glass plays a significant role in architecture and is also becoming increasingly popular in interior design. Sliding glass doors in particular contribute to space efficiency and optimum use of small rooms. At FSB, you will find a range of high-quality and convincing hardware that meets the highest demands in terms of both form and function. Discover our diverse solutions for glass doors in all their versatility now.

Knob handles, door knobs and knob backplates

Knob handles, door knobs and knob backplates deserve more attention than they currently receive. Although they don't offer the same ergonomic benefits as door handles, they are often underestimated and overshadowed by protective hardware or solid door handles, especially on entry doors. Discover a versatile selection of high-quality knob handles, door knobs and knob plates for your individual needs with us.

High-quality narrow stile door hardware for a consistent design concept

Our product families offer comprehensive fittings for doors and windows, including framed doors made of metal or plastic. We ensure a consistent design in terms of the chosen design. Our narrow stile door hardware door hardware comes with special mounting hardware to meet the unique requirements of framed doors. Discover our high-quality framed door hardware now and complete your design concept.

Design and safety combined: discover our excellent lift and slide door handles.

FSB's lifting and sliding door handles inspire with their impressive design, high-quality materials and innovative technology. Our selected handle designs in aluminum, stainless steel or bronze continue the uniform design of our product families on patio doors as well. In addition to individual taste, we also attach great importance to security. Discover our versatile lift and slide door handles now and enrich your home with design and functionality.

Versatile plug-in handles for interior doors and windows - function and style combined

Our high-quality push-in handles are the perfect minimalist solution for opening and closing interior doors and windows. Whether you prefer modern and clean designs or traditional and ornate handle options, we offer a wide range of options to suit all needs and tastes. Discover our versatile push-in handles now and add function and style to your interior doors and windows.

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