ErgoSystem® E300

Premium line in Stainless Steel

ErgoSystem® E300 has been proving its worth for more than ten years now, finding its way into the finest hotels and other buildings both public and private. It defies fads and trends with a timeless design that blend in seamlessly with any interior. Regardless of how physically capable the user is, the system makes everyday bathroom routines more convenient.

FSB views its ErgoSystem® as a “design-for-all” concept that focuses on the concerns of people of all ages. We feel that “barrier freedom” should not lead to visual compromises being made: ErgoSystem® is founded upon a design approach in which aesthetics and functionality are not at odds.

ErgoSystem® E300 is helpfully at hand without having the aura of clinic or rehab equipment. With its timeless good looks, it will suit any bathroom architecture perfectly, enhancing levels of comfort without looking out of place.

Underpinning our ErgoSystem is a hardware collection with a unique diagonal-oval cross-section in a range of variants and lengths for all conceivable areas of application. Flexibility is guaranteed by a completely barrier-free system comprising more than 400 products that can be combined and added to in line with the application in hand. ErgoSystem® E300 facilitates the flexible planning of exclusive fit-outs through a comprehensive range of grab rails, drop-down support rails and seat solutions that can be combined with the most diverse of accessory items ranging from showerhead holders to wall mirrors so as to add further functions as specifically required. ErgoSystem® E300 provides a well-conceived means, in conjunction with A-Flex, of demand-responsively fitting out spaces with reversible components. Selected products are available as suicide-deterrent variants for deployment in special areas.

Top-notch workmanship and the exclusive use of high-quality materials go without saying: Stainless Steel is the Number One choice here. Seat pans are manufactured in kind-to-the-skin PUR.

Materials and finishes

The generic term “Stainless Steel” now embraces over 100 separate rust and acid-resistant steels. We use chromiumnickel steel bearing Material No. 1.4301 under German standard DIN 17440 when making our builders hardware. It contains approx. 18 % chromium and 8 % nickel, an alloy that has been tried and tested in the builder’s trade.

Stainless Steel is an excellent choice for bathrooms and sanitary areas because its surface is extremely corrosion-resistant, hardly shows knock and scratch marks however roughly treated, is virtually nonwearing even if in constant use, and – primarily by dint of the chrome and nickel additives in the alloy – is very easy to look after. An invisible passive layer forms on its surface that is even claimed to kill bacteria.

FSB supplies ErgoSystem® E300 in Stainless Steel Satin Matt (FSB 6204) and Polished Stainless Steel (FSB 6205). The stock Stainless Steel Satin Matt variant is particularly robust. Polished Stainless Steel is an environmentally friendly alternative to chrome-plated finishes and is produced to order.

Tough as you like and easy-care

We recommend ErgoSystem® E300 in Stainless Steel for all heavily frequented areas, notably public buildings, hospitals and old people’s/nursing homes, office buildings, ships, motorway service stations or parks and sports grounds – indeed, wherever people convene in large numbers and there is a need for easy-care hardware with a long service life.

Stainless steel basically needs no looking after at all. Dirt marks can be removed with a damp cloth. Should signs of flash rust appear after a while on hardware used outdoors or in chlorinated swimming baths, this does not come from within the material and can be removed with vigorous rubbing. Use must not be made of abrasive agents when cleaning powder-coated aluminium components.

Custom-coated brackets

Any of the aluminium components, which are coloured dark-grey as standard, can be optionally coated in almost any RAL colour to order. ErgoSystem® E300 Civic/Commercial fitments can be made to blend in with or accentuate bespoke schemes in this way.

FSB 6204

Edelstahl fein matt

FSB 6205

Edelstahl poliert

Features and benefits

System features

  • FSB’s ErgoSystem® E300 conforms to all sections of DIN standard 18040.
  • ErgoSystem® E300 is certified to TÜV/GS (product safety) and TÜV/GGT (comfort & quality).
  • High resistance to corrosion due to the handhold components being in Stainless Steel, material 1.4301. This alloy is virtually immune to denting and scratches even under the most exacting forms of continuous use and guarantees top hygiene properties.
  • Hands fit snugly due to the uniquely elliptical styling of the grip section, which observes the laws of anatomy.
  • Demonstrably less force needs to be exerted when taking hold of a rail and actually holding it owing to its oval cross-section.
  • Making for optimum transmission of forces is a 45° tilt in cross-section, which in line with the rules of ergonomics allows the hardware to be taken hold of in such a way that a triangle is formed between hand, shoulder and the body’s vertical axis.
  • The coherent end-to-end design concept underpinning ErgoSystem® E300 delivers conspicuous quality right through to the attendant accessories.

System benefits

ErgoSystem® E300’s modular make-up, variable product configurations and wealth of retrofittable accessory and complementary components make for flexible responses to changing conditions during planning and use:

  • ErgoSystem® E300 grab rails can be supplied with non-standard dimensions to order so consideration can be given to specific requirements.
  • Handrail combinations in standard lengths or as system building blocks ensure optimum solutions in any area of application.
  • Continuous radii with no sharp edges combine with concealed fixings to meet hygiene requirements.
  • Barrier-free rail system with a singleminded target-group focus that exceeds general market requirements as regards planning, fitments and use owing to its demonstrable ergonomic and design merits.
  • Custom dimensions and colours possible to order
  • Anti-ligature variants of applicable accessory elements can be supplied
  • Flexible mounting where required of A-Flex-type components

Planning benefits

  • The matching range of accessories likewise guarantees harmonious formal integration of the system into architectural schemes.
  • With its sleek looks and a Brushed Matt Stainless-Steel finish that discreetly echoes the colours around, ErgoSystem® E300 unobtrusively blends in with bespoke bathroom environments.
  • Its premium design quality mirrors the aesthetic requirements of a new generation of “youthful seniors”.
  • A high level of user acceptancy is brought about by a wide variety of ergonomically-driven fine detail in all product groups right through to the accessories, which afford users a maximum of comfort as well as assisting them in everyday sequences of movements.
  • The ErgoSystem’s modularity and versatility make for flexible responses to changing conditions during planning and use.
  • Its standard fitments and complementary products permit variation in the way spaces are fitted out in, for instance, private wards.
  • FSB’s proximity to the market and status as a producer in Germany allow it deliver bespoke solutions and innovations promptly and flexibly.

Attachment as and when required wit A-Flex

With A-Flex, FSB offers a well-conceived means of flexibly and demand-responsively fitting spaces out with barrier-free components from the ErgoSystem® E300 range.

A-Flex can be particularly recommended for hoteliers or the operators of hospitals with private wards, who can use it to cater to the individual or acutely changing needs of guests and patients. Cases in point are guests in a hotel who do not generally require barrier-free aids in the bathroom but for whom such aids become necessary due to a sudden injury – e. g. at a winter sports resort. The system yields additional benefits in the form of significantly lower costs for the initial fit-out, as the spaces concerned are merely fitted with an A-Flex support plate and use can be made of drop-down support rails and foldaway shower seats as required. The concept was also reason enough for the jury of Germany’s Central Sanitary, Heating and Air Conditioning Association to honour A-Flex components with its ZVSHK Award.

Handrails made to measure

It is also possible to adopt ErgoSystem’s unique diagonal-oval cross-section for handrails that ensure safety in comfort in the likes of hospitals or nursing homes.

Handrails and the attendant bracket configurations are custom-produced by FSB to on-site lists of measurements. We will either assist you directly in arriving at these measurements or put you in touch with fabricators familiar with our system for this purpose. We will likewise be pleased to coordinate the checking and approval of works drawings for a given building.

Product Chart

82 8201
Grab Rail
82 8201 13000
Grab Rail
82 8202
angled rail
82 8203
angled rail
82 8210
angled rail
82 8211
handrail configuration
82 8212
handrail configuration
82 8213
handrail configuration
82 8220
wall-mounted support rail
82 8221
wall-mounted support rail
82 8222
wall-mounted support rail
82 8224 06001
Drop-down support rail
82 8224 06041
A-Flex drop-down support rail
82 8224 07021
drop-down support rail for fitting at side
82 8224 08503
drop-down support rail with function buttons
82 8224 08531
drop-down support rail prepared for strap holder
82 8225
floor/wall-mounted support rail
82 8227
Support plate A-Flex
82 8227 00001
A-Flex bearer plate
82 8228
Supporting leg
82 8234
shower curtain rail for alcoves
82 8236
Splash guard
82 8237
shower curtain
82 8238
round-the-corner shower curtain rail
82 8239
shower rail with shower-head holder
82 8241
shower and bath stool
82 8242
Retention stirrup
82 8243
free-standing stool
82 8244
tip-up shower seat
82 8245
toilet-roll holder for support and grab rails
82 8246
82 8247
82 8248
push-button bracket
82 8248 00002
radio-controlled push button
82 8248 00003
cable run
82 8248 01000
ceiling connector
82 8249
splashguard holder
82 8250
hook-over seat
82 8251
tip-up shower seat
82 8253
82 8258
shower-rail set
82 8259
shower rail with shower-head holder
82 8260 00001
milled wall hook
82 8260 00002
milled coat hook
82 8260 00003
Door stop
82 8260 00004
dual wall hook
82 8260 00005
Wall hook
82 8260 00006
Coat hook
82 8260 00007
Double wall hook
82 8260 00010
double swivel-action towel rail
82 8260 00011
Bath towel rail
82 8260 00012
towel rail
82 8260 00015
Utensils tray
82 8260 00021
double bath-towel rail
82 8260 00030
Toilet-roll holder
82 8260 00032
spare toilet-roll holder
82 8260 00033
Walking aid holder
82 8260 00039
Plastic storage tray
82 8260 00040
soap holder with soap dish
82 8260 00041
toothmug holder with mug
82 8260 00042
Toilet-brush set
82 8260 00050
shower rail with shower-head holder
82 8260 00051
82 8260 00052
Mirror holders
82 8260 00053
82 8260 00054
Wall mirror
82 8260 00059
Plastic storage tray
82 8260 00060
folding hook
82 8260 00070
double toilet-roll holder
82 8260 00075
Soap dispenser
82 8260 00076
shower-rail set
82 8260 01008
suicide-deterrent wall hook
82 8260 01058
Toilet-roll holder
82 8290 00011
retaining strap
82 8290 00016
strap holder