Bathroom accessories

The bathroom is increasingly becoming a place for tranquillity and relaxation. As a result, notions of how such spaces are designed are having to be reconsidered too.

The concept of “atmosphere” has begun to play an ever more important part alongside purely functional requirements. Factors such as “naturalness”, “simplicity” and “feeling good” are setting new standards both in the domestic sphere and in hotels and public areas. Growing significance attaches in the process to the selection and combination of natural materials, finishes and colours. FSB is echoing this trend in the design of its METRIC® bathroom accessory series.

METRIC’s looks are consciously understated, being defined by geometric forms and premium materials. The stylistic contrast between round roses and rectangular-section supports is a thematic thread that runs through the entire series.

The combination of the two simultaneously underscores the crisp structuring of the system’s constituent parts. Its astutely balanced proportions have a soothing effect and blend harmoniously with a variety of design concepts. Ergonomic criteria have been taken into account wherever they are an aid to fluent sequences of movements. The holder for the toothbrush glass, for instance, tilts towards the user in a manner that facilitates the act of removing the glass.

METRIC® is supplied in Stainless Steel Satin Matt. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, Stainless Steel exudes an authenticity that combines particularly well with natural materials such as wood and granite and makes it a firm contender for inclusion in quality bathroom schemes.

This dependable material has a justifiable reputation for being serviceable, corrosion-resistant, easy to look after and durable. The quality with which FSB works Stainless Steel is the upshot of many decades of experience gained from producing well-designed, superlatively engineered hardware for doors and windows. We have now applied this proficiency in design and manufacture to the METRIC® bathroom
accessory series.

Product Chart

82 8270 00001
Wall hook
82 8270 00002
Coat hook
82 8270 00003
Door stop
82 8270 00010
towel rail
82 8270 00011
Bath towel rail
82 8270 00015
Utensils tray
82 8270 00021
Bath towel rail
82 8270 00030
Toilet-roll holder
82 8270 00031
Toilet-roll holder
82 8270 00032
Toilet-roll holder
82 8270 00040
soap holder with soap dish
82 8270 00042
Toilet-brush set
82 8270 00043
Toilet-brush set
82 8270 00050
shower rail with shower-head holder
82 8270 00051
shower rail with shower-head holder
82 8270 01030
Toilet-roll holder
82 8270 01031
Toilet-roll holder