Collections as cohesive entities

Our end-to-end product collections

FSB’s common thread: each door-lever model comes with a complete collection of other fittings to match. These are accorded a variety of formal and technical attributes as a function of how their door lever is designed.

We always bear the requirements of modern civic/commercial construction in mind. These serve as benchmarks for our fittings for main entrance doors, flush, framed and glazed doors, sliding doors and windows. All such fittings are available in a wealth of formal variants and boasting special technical properties such as FSB ASL® and AGL® bearings for doors with differing degrees of utilisation.

All items in any FSB product collection are cohesive and perfectly coordinated in terms of their shape, function, material and finish.

Our door levers are unique personalities. This is strikingly underlined by FSB 1267.

We will very gladly assist you with good advice and practical involvement. You could either get in touch with us or download our brochure on FSB’s end-to-end approach for further information.

Further end-to-end product collections

For completeness’ sake

FSB 1267
as a lockable window handle

FSB 1267
with visibly fixed backplate

42 4265 | 42 4263
Sliding door handle

73 7375
Security fitting

23 0829 | 23 0802

66 6550
Door pull