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Is your front door open to new experiences? Anyone who thinks security hardware invariably comprises a knob and backplate has yet to encounter FSB purism at its most alluring: FSB 73 7360 is a sculpture of folded Stainless Steel plate 5 mm thick that boasts a most cohesive visual identity. Gone are the days when the best design was reserved for the highest security rating. FSB has turned the tables by making Security Classes 2 and 4 compatible with all security fittings in its “Design + Security” series – or, in wholly democratic vein, by opening up the technology of test winner FSB 73 7376 to all pockets.

Outstanding: FSB 73 7376 scores almost top marks

We’re fond of appearing to lament about how our fittings last longer than would make strict economic sense. The truth of this utterance has now been indirectly confirmed by Germany’s product testing organisation Stiftung Warentest in the course of giving door securing devices a rigorous going-over.

Amongst the items tested was security fitting 73 7376 by FSB. It was awarded a mark of 1.8 (on a descending scale of from 1 to 6 in the German marking system) in winning the “Door Backplates” section (2/ES 1-ZA security rating). The product testers laid store by the lock, lock cylinder and door backplate forming a unit. The backplate makes it more difficult to twist off, break off, extract or bump out the lock cylinder. It additionally has to be ruggedly screw-fastened from the inside and be made of solid material. Piece of cake for FSB 73 7376: the degree of burglary resistance yielded by these factors actually saw our security fitting score an even higher mark of 1.4. What makes this result even more remarkable is that our Security Class 2 fitting scored higher than another company’s design with a Class 3 security rating.

The FSB 73 7376 security fitting is from our “Design + Security” series of products, which are as secure as they are well-designed. The security credentials of FSB 73 7376 are shared by all other models in the range owing to the modular nature and standardised laminar configuration of Design+Security fittings.

Our design-conscious “Design + Security” offering saves you from having to grapple with the complex issue of security technology. A decision is first made on the grounds of taste (design) and then of reason (the need for security), which is precisely why we call the scheme “Design + Security”. All anyone opting for this solution has to do after choosing their design is decide whether Class 2 or Class 4 technical security is right for them. FSB then installs the security technology desired into the relevant design package. Gone are the days when the lowest security class meant having to make do with the most basic design, while the best design was reserved for the highest class.

Another body well versed on the issue of security are the police: the Bavarian Criminal Investigation Department has published an informative set of Manufacturers’ Lists detailing fittings and their accessories that give burglars a hard time. It stands to reason that FSB is amongst those recommended. Click here for general information on technical precautions provided by the police.


FSB security fittings are supplied as standard for the following door thicknesses:

  • internal doors 40–42 mm
  • main-entrance doors 67–69 mm
  • FS doors 53–57 mm

Besides its standardised security facilities, FSB also supplies further burglar-resistant components with preventive properties:

  • round armoured roses as open variants 10-16.5 mm high
  • round armoured roses with cylinder guards (ZA) 12.5-16.5 mm high
  • round armoured roses with cylinder guards (ZA) 12.5 mm high, prepared for flush fitting
  • rectangular and oval armoured roses with cylinder guards (ZA) 16 mm high
  • rectangular oval sliding roses 6, 9 and 14 mm high

Such burglary-resistant components are designed to either deter potential burglars or at least hold them up for as long as possible.
One of our customers, a specialist for bullet-proof doors, convinced themselves of the resilience of our security fittings in a rather unusual way by shooting at one of them. Our fitting was still holding firm after 40 shots from a .44 calibre Magnum.

Product Chart

73 7360
Design and security
73 7375
Design and security
73 7376
Design and security
73 7377
Design and security
73 7378
Design and security
73 7379
Design and security
73 7381
Design and security
73 7382
Design and security
73 7383
Design and security
73 7384
Design and security
73 7385
Design and security
73 7386
Design and security
73 7330
Security fitting for framed doors
73 7331
Security fitting for framed doors