FSB sliding door handles

Purist design and well-conceived function

Opening the way for new spatial concepts. The new sliding door handles by FSB, as well as being visually striking, are as appealing to your hand as well as your eye. Intermeshing with a large selection of circular and angular designs are a multitude of bespoke colour combinations. An innovative operating concept sees the functions of locking, opening and sliding housed in a single device.

FSB has come up with a new range of sliding door handles of most compelling design and function. They are suitable for both single and double sliding doors. The new models are of a basic shape that is either angular or circular and are obtainable as lockable and non-lockable variants.

Diversity of shape and colour

Our new sliding door handles comprise a shell recessed into the face of the door, a movable or fixed gripping device and a recessed faceplate at the front of the handle. The three components can be assembled in a variety of material and colour combinations, allowing fittings to be coordinated with any interior scheme and to suit any taste. Sliding door handles can set stylish accents or else, in a spirit of minimalist restraint, be absorbed into the door.

Innovative operating technique

Fittings feature a self-explanatory mode of operation that’s unique to the market whereby the gripping device doubles up as a means of locking/unlocking whilst also allowing the door to be slid along more ergonomically. Locking or unlocking the door is performed by rotating the movable grip. In the vertical position, it tilts 17.5° to one side when the door is opened, thus increasing the gripping space available.

Fitted in next to no time

These sliding door handles are very straight-forward to fit. The applicable routing jig can be ordered separately from FSB. The handle shells are then fastening by simply clipping them into the recess routed out – without the need for any drilling or glueing.




Product Chart

42 4260
here: Blasted Aluminium Black Anodised, Bronze Dark Patinated Waxed

42 4261
here: Blasted Aluminium Natural-Colour Anodised

42 4262
here: Blasted Aluminium Black Anodised

42 4263
here: Blasted Aluminium Black Anodised

42 4264
here: Aluminium Powder-Coated white, matt, RAL 9016

42 4265
here: Blasted Aluminium Black Anodised, Bronze Dark Patinated Waxed