Where every detail is part of a common thread.

Focused on perfection

We thrill to architecture that has been meticulously thought through as an overall entity. And any building that is both stylistically and technically compelling will conform to a set architectural and design-related pattern, a capacity for end-to-end cohesion that also figures large in FSB’s own DNA. We contribute to the creation of outstanding architecture and provide a common thread embracing stylistic consistency, timeless elegance and premium materials.

The end-to-end product collection FSB 1267

Cohesively conceived from one end of a building to the other

We see end-to-end cohesion as being a factor linking everything in any way associated with handle culture in architecture.

For you, FSB’s common thread adds up to cohesive design, consistent style parameters and a lasting enhancement of your property.

Pick up the common thread.

Discover our end-to-end products in a face-to-face meeting. We will assist in implementing your projects with good advice and practical involvement. And if you can’t make it to FSB, we’ll come to you. Our roadshow enables you to lay hands on our products yourself. Have a look at the schedule. We’re sure to be appearing somewhere near you