Our experience – your safety

Ergonomic lever handle and maximum hygiene

Ensuring protection against infection is increasingly a matter of priority not only in hospitals. We have developed a safe solution for the new requirements in the form of FSB 1287. Its angular shape allows this ergonomically designed lever handle to be conveniently operated by forearm without any manual contact at all.

Opening doors hands-free
FSB 1287 allows you to conveniently open doors with your forearm. Your hands remain free to do other things – and clean. The handle can be operated with equal ease regardless of whether you approach the door from the left or the right.

Measure of convenience
The return-to-door is positioned at an optimum height of 111 cm to ensure that operating the handle is as convenient as it possibly can be. FSB 1287 is universal design of the highest order guaranteeing optimum ergonomics for all people, whether with or without impairments.

Ideal for heavily used doors
FSB 1287 is just the thing for use on heavily frequented doors, e.g. in hospitals, nursing homes, nursery schools, schools or other public buildings. And this handle is just as ideally suitable for public WCs, e.g. in motorway service areas: it keeps freshly washed hands hygienically pure.

Suitable for Civic/Commercial buildings
Sets are suitable for standard, emergency-exit and fire doors pursuant to DIN EN 179. They are rotatably fixed, fitted with AGL® adaptor bearings and suppliable with either an 8, 8.5 or 9mm spindle.

Retrofit job? No problem!
Should you wish to replace your existing hardware, FSB 1287 can be retrofitted at any time, technical circumstances permitting. This likewise applies for all the other multifunctional lever handles by FSB.

Antibacterial finish
This new ergonomic lever handle is supplied with an FSB AIC anti-infection coating as standard. The antibacterial coating guarantees optimum protection against infection.

No-hold ergonomics

No hands free?
Staff in nursing facilities have their hands full in the most literal sense of the term. FSB 1287 makes their work easier if, for instance, they have to open a door carrying a tray. They simply need to lay their forearm behind the handle’s bent grip and – depending on the side from which they approach – press the handle down with either their wrist or their elbow.

Any which way
FSB 1287 will accommodate you with equal convenience from whichever side you approach. In the case of a DIN lefthand door opening outwards, for instance, it is the upper section of your forearm that rests on the return-to-door and operates the lever handle. Conversely, if you approach a DIN righthand door opening outwards from the left, the work will be performed by your wrist.

A hand will do
We humans are famously “creatures of habit” and thus it is that some of us remain keen to get hands-on with FSB 1287 too. This can be achieved just as conveniently and ergonomically as with the forearm. It’s nevertheless good to know that FSB’s AIC anti-infection coating will reliably put paid to bacteria in such an event.

Measure of things? Human!

People are the best yardstick
Our designers took their bearings from anthropometric data when developing FSB 1287. These cover human body measurements such as weight, height, length of arms, legs, thighs etc. having account to their frequency of occurrence (DIN 33402). FSB 1287 accords with these data. Its return-to-door, for instance, is set at an ideal height of 111 cm, allowing the user’s arm to rest particularly snugly on top of the handle.