Natural resistance against germs

Lever handles in Bronze

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin with a wealth of remarkable properties: prominent amongst these is the material's antimicrobial action, which provides active protection against germs. Bronze is particularly hard-wearing and easy to look after, moreover.

Ideal for heavily used doors

The material’s composition gives it high tensile strength and great hardness. Its abrasion resistance recommends it for use in every-day products subjected to heavy wear and tear.

Antimicrobial action

Germs are killed more quickly on bronze surfaces, and are greatly reduced, owing to the high fraction of copper involved. The material releases a virtually constant flow of copper ions that actively deprive multi-resistant germs of the conditions they need to thrive in – and do so for a handle’s entire service life.

Proven effectiveness

Clinical studies conducted in the USA and Great Britain reveal that 99.9 % of bacteria on copper-alloy surfaces are destroyed immediately or within two hours of contact. These include Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), one of the most virulent and dangerous of all bugs. It was also confirmed that, if the hygiene measures prescribed are adopted, recontamination is more than 99 % ruled out.

High-quality alloy

We make use of a copper-tin alloy containing 92 % copper and 8 % tin for our Bronze fittings that bears the formula CuSn8 and is registered as Material No. 2.1030.

Natural patina
Regularly handled hardware components in Bronze or Brass are self-polishing in day-to-day use. Any parts with which hands do not come into contact acquire a natural patina as a function of environmental conditions and the surroundings into which they have been fitted. This change in colour relative to the condition of the finish when delivered is natural to the material.


FSB 7615

Bronze Light
Patinated Waxed

FSB 7625

Bronze Dark
Patinated Waxed