FSB 1155

the multifunctional lever handle

The angling on the FSB 1155 lever handle also allows it to be operated safely and conveniently by elbow. The model is the upshot of insights arrived at by FSB in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute during scientific analyses of how a lever handle is operated.

Architecture beats antibiotics

The multifunctional FSB 1155 lever handle was selected for the first infection-preventing patient’s room as part of the KARMIN project, a campaign being run by Germany’s Ministry for Education and Research whose initials are an acronym of the German words for “Hospital, Architecture, Microbia and Infection”.

Party to the venture are Brunswick TU, the Charité Medical Faculty in Berlin and the Jena University Clinic with the Septomics Research Group and Messrs Röhl GmbH.

For heavily used doors

Our multifunctional lever handles are ideal for heavily used doors, e.g. for use in hospitals and nursing homes.

Retrofit? No sweat!

For anyone wishing to replace their existing fittings, our multifunctional lever handles can be straightforwardly retrofitted at any time.

Fit for heavy-duty applications

Sets are suitable for standard, emergency-exit and fire doors and are rotatably fixed in AGL® adaptor bearings.

Constant use

Stainless steel is extremely corrosion-resistant, impervious to bumps and scratches and very easy to look after.

Maintenance made easy

The stainless-steel surface forms an invisible passive layer that delivers very good resistance to cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Disinfectant finish

Obtainable with FSB’s anti-infection coating, which eliminates 99.99 % of germs to provide the best possible protection against infection.

Convenient operation

Convenient operation and protection against infectious germs

These lever handles can be operated by hand or elbow. Doors can be very conveniently opened and closed – without the user’s hand coming into contact with the handle.

The handle’s angular styling enables the user to firmly position their elbow between the handle and the door without it slipping. The handle’s left-to-right alignment serves as a firm source of support when elbowing the door open. Its angular styling echoes the sequence of movements performed to open or close a door.

Product Chart

XXL lever handle
XXL lever handle
XXL lever handle