FSB Anti-Infection Coating

Quality in its purest form

Stainless steel FSB products literally have a good handle on cleanliness: the FSB Anti-Infection Coating, a new anti-bacterial surface coating, is the perfect solution for all areas in which maximal hygiene is paramount.

How often, day after day, do you reach for lever handles, window handles or handrails? More often than you are probably even aware of. Unfortunately, any surface that has been touched by a lot of hands will also be an area where pathogens come and go. The development of multi-resistant pathogens has become a problem, in particular for hospitals and care facilities.

No matter whether it is door or window hardware or the barrier-free ErgoSystem®, FSB products can make a decisive contribution to reducing the risk of infection for patients, staff and visitors. And that not only in patient rooms, but also in bathrooms and other areas of the building.

Special attention must be paid to hygiene in all areas in which there are a large number of people with weakened immune systems – FSB Anti-Infection Coating (AIC) helps you keep things well in hand.

For stainless steel
All stainless steel FSB products can be treated with AIC.

Tried and tested efficacy
Reduces multi-resistant pathogens by 99.99%. Certified to ISO 22196:2011 (effect of anti-bacterial activity on stainless steel surfaces)

Double the cleanliness
The only coating on the market that does not contain nanoparticles or silver ions.

Scientifically proven
FSB is participating in the KARMIN research project of Braunschweig University of Technology to help develop the hospital room of the future (architecture, design, process and hygiene).

FSB Anti-Infection Coating + barrier-free FSB ErgoSystem®

The handles and levers of FSB’s barrierfree ErgoSystem® have been designed with a diagonal-oval cross-section that precisely conforms to the principles of grip ergonomics. That same precision was applied in designing the anti-bacterial FSB Anti-Infection Coating to meet the requirements for hygienically sensitive areas.

Handrails, handles and levers – but also any attachments and accessories found in sanitary facilities – are associated with a great potential risk of pathogen transmission. The ErgoSystem® literally has a good handle on cleanliness: the optional antibacterial coating should be used to treat all surfaces found in areas in which maximal hygiene is paramount.

The FSB Anti-Infection Coating can be applied to stainless steel products of the ErgoSystem® E300.

FSB Anti-Infection Coating + hardware for doors and windows

The quality and diversity of FSB hardware solutions are greatly valued by people all over the world. More than 50 product lines – consisting of lever handles, door knobs and window handles in different configurations – are available with the FSB Anti- Infection Coating.

In the same way that people casually grab hold of handles when entering a room or opening windows, they also casually expose themselves to carriers of bacteria.

And this is associated with an increased risk of infection, especially in high-traffic buildings such as hospitals, administrative offices and hotels, creating a very dangerous situation for people with weakened immune systems. FSB Anti-Infection Coating effectively puts a stop to this with a pathogenkilling surface coating.

The anti-bacterial AIC is available for all stainless steel FSB products.

True to the maxim “Everything relating to gripping, handles and levers in a built space from a single source, ” FSB literally has a clean solution for all building areas – such as M-series door hardware with electronic access management, F-series door pull designs with biometric identification units and classic door and window handles. Prominent products such as our closed recessed pulls for bathrooms and sliding doors can even be optionally treated with AIC.