Materials + finishes

The stuff of which handles are made

We have championed the benefits of materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, and bronze from the very outset (that’s more than 140 years ago). There are good reasons for so doing: metals and the hardware they go to make are peerlessly resilient and durable.

Metals with typically FSB-refined finishes exude a timeless elegance, what’s more, that leaves their synthetic material counterparts languishing. FSB exclusively works high-quality, long-lived, proven metals, either allowing them to retain their natural charm and colour or adorning them with exceedingly durable stains and coatings.

Numerous of the most profound attributes of FSB products are paradoxically discernible on the surface: machining and refining processes, many of which are patented, see chemical, mechanical and manual operations merge to unique effect in the product and its finish – properties that, as well as catching the eye, can also be grasped by our hands.