Aluminium + colour

A multi-colour range supplied upon request

Coloured door and window fittings have found some recognition in the marketplace in recent decades. Often, they were the sole architectural design element in the grey concrete landscape. Today they have a firmly established place in the fittings industry’s product range.

FSB sees itself primarily as a manufacturer of door and window fittings made of fine metals. FSB offers a limited range of painted fittings. When making your enquiry, please specify the RAL number of the required colour. Account must always be taken of the fact that slight variations in colour can arise in manufacture, due the materials and the process involved.

As its basic material for painted fittings, FSB uses the cast and ground aluminium models from its standard range. Before painting, the parts are subject to a special, anodic oxidation. FSB then uses electrostatic powder coating. This is a solventfree painting process.

The paint is applied in layers of approx. 80 μm. The quality of the finish, the light fastness of the colours, the hardness of the surface, resistance to abrasion etc. approximately correspond to that of anodised aluminium layers.

Occasionally FSB is asked whether we can supply door handles made of round material in designs made of painted stainless steel or steel. In contrast to using aluminium as the base material, especially when using steel, there is a risk of corrosion if the surface is damaged. We ask for your understanding, that for such special versions, we cannot accept any liability and must exclude any guarantee for the product.

If properly fitted and used properly, the paint on FSB fittings will withstand daily use. Vigorous contact with hard and sharp-edged objects (e.g. rings, keys, boxes etc.) can scratch the surface. Scratches do not however impair function.

FSB ErgoSystem®

FSB offers you the option, for all parts within the ErgoSytem® which are made of aluminium and as standard are painted dark grey, to paint them on request with almost all colours to RAL. ErgoSystem® fittings for large buildings can be colourmatched to individual designs or their colours can set an accent. Please specify the required RAL number with every inquiry.


FSB 8818

Anthracite Grey, approximating to RAL 7016

FSB 8821

Grey Brown, approximating to RAL 8019, glossy

FSB 8120

Jet Black, approximating to RAL 9005, matt

FSB 8220

Traffic White, approximating to RAL 9016, glossy
FSB 9020
Pure White, approximating to RAL 9010, glossy

Illustrative projects

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studio karhard®

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