Stainless steel + PVD

The bright solution for frequently used doors

Stainless steel is an excellent choice for door and window hardware because its surface is extremely corrosion-resistant, hardly shows knock and scratch marks however roughly treated, is extremely hard-wearing, and is very easy to look after.

In 1912, Krupp in Essen, received the first patents for a new material which became familiar in pre-war Germany under the names “Nirosta” (never rust) and “V2a-steel”. A variety of applications quickly opened up for this new material: from the construction of containers in the chemical industry through to designs in car and aircraft construction, from building materials to household equipment. The general term of stainless steel includes more than 100 different steels which resist corrosion and acids. When making our fittings we use a chrome-nickel steel which, according to DIN 17 440 takes the material number 1.4301. It contains approx. 18 % chrome and 8 % nickel. This alloy has proven itself in the building trade.

Characteristics of stainless steel

Stainless steel is outstanding in its suitability for door and window fittings as its surface is extremely resistant to corrosion, even when very roughly treated its scarcely shows traces of dents or scratches, its shows little wear even in continuous use and, above all due to the additional alloys of chrome and nickel, it requires very little care. An invisible passive layer forms on its surface which is even supposed to have bactericidal properties.

Places it is used

We recommend stainless steel door and window fittings for all heavily used doors, especially in public buildings, for public authorities, hospitals, on ships in motorway service areas, in parks and sports facilities, just about anywhere where there are lots of people and a fitting is to continue to work long term while being easy-care.


In principle, architectural fittings made of stainless steel need no care. Traces of dirt can be removed with a moist cloth. If, after some time, exterior fittings or fittings in chlorinated swimming pools show traces of surface rust, this will not be from the material itself but will have been transported from outside to the fitting. This can be removed with vigorous rubbing.


Stock versions made of matt stainless steel are particularly robust. Mirror finish stainless steel is an environmentally friendly alternative to chrome-plated surfaces and is made to order.


FSB 6204

Stainless Steel
brushed satin matt

FSB 6205

Stainless Steel

FSB 6210

PVD Coating

FSB 6208

PVD Coating
Black Matt

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