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Foster + Partners is a global studio for architecture, urbanism and design, rooted in sustainability. The focus is on people in their surrounding environment. Reaching for the door handle is often the first contact with a building.

Recognizable at every touch

Together with FSB, the designers at Foster + Partners Industrial Design examined historical and contemporary everyday objects to understand how we use everyday objects to interact with the outside world.

They ultimately used the observed patterns of grip and tactile sensations to develop the product collection FSB 1292 – made in Germany of aluminium, stainless steel and bronze, and in a broad variety of first-rate finishes. The comprehensive product collection FSB 1292 consists of three different versions of the handle and reflects consistency while satisfying diverse functional and technical requirements.

FSB 1291

FSB 1292

FSB 1293

Insights with Mike Holland, Senior Partner, Head of Industrial Design

Durable, sustainable, energy saving ... Pure

The quality of an object is revealed not only by its utility. An equally important criterion is its lifecycle from beginning to end. The Aluminium Pure variants, which we are the first hardware manufacturer to offer, deserve special attention.

The aesthetic beauty of their unique multifaceted finish serves as a visible representation of sustainability. Compared to natural-coloured aluminium, 37% of energy is saved during aluminium processing and recycling at the end of the life cycle is made easier.

Lever handle FSB 1292 in Aluminium Pure

At your fingertips

Form and materiality reflect a coming together of craftsmanship and industrial production. The design follows the gentle, tactile geometry of handformed shapes and lines.

Although extremely difficult to define mathematically, to the eye and hand the shape is very simple. It is the line that traces the interface between sculpture and industrial manufacture. The soft lines and rounded edges cast an elegant play of light. And the “soft shape” fits easily in the palm of the hand.

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Alessa Kaiser
Head of project and order centre

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Product collection FSB 1292

Mike Holland
Foster + Partners Industrial Design

„I believe that we design better products when we understand the materials and processes used to create them. That's why close collaboration with everyone involved in the design and manufacturing of a product is very important to us.“