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The perfect door from a single provider

BSW, CES, FSB, Norseal and Woelm (HELM Sliding hardware) are five companies steeped in tradition with a shared vision and a shared aim: to offer our customers every door-related product from a single source – made in Germany and perfectly coordinated both in the technology they use and the materials they are made from. With the complimentary Spec Writing Service, we supply product consultancy and door planning to provide professional support to architects, designers and planners under the aspect of international building regulations.

Five brands. One vision. Made in Germany.

Our synergies are your advantage. With our package products you are always safe and secure, and you benefit from fantastic prices and guarantees. The ties between our brands are clear to see. We know what commercial and public buildings need and we use our combined expertise to benefit our customers. This has naturally led to our shared specification service, which takes a load of the work off of your shoulders.

Specification service

Requirements for specifications do vary by project type, by architect and by global location. We are structured to react to the differing requirements using a custom software program combined with an interactive web-based communication tool. We supply product consultancy and door planning to provide professional support to architects and planners under the aspect of international building regulations.

The benefits of the specification service

"The manufacturer’s ability to customise the design of the hardware, as per our requirement, was the most compelling aspect of this cooperation. Firstly, a mockup was done to see the design first-hand and be able to touch and feel the grip of the handle."

SpecWrite at your fingertips: References

Project references
We open doors all over the world. Instances of architects and planners being grabbed by BSW, CES, FSB, HELM, Norseal.

Learn more about the FSB Door Hardware Specification Process.

1. Check

First of all, we check the architectural plans, door elevations, door schedules, and details – and we want to know everything about the design and the aesthetic vision.

2. Feed

Then we feed our unique software tool with all the Architect's door schedule information. We review the floorplans to understand the exit plans, electronic hardware requirements, and essential aesthetic requirements.

3. Finish

At last, we systematically review all of the door and window openings and apply the correct combination of products that form the hardware groupings.

Even more information within reach

Get more information about our diverse product range in a personal conversation.

Ulrich Franke
Head of International Field Service
E-Mail: ulrich.franke@fsb.de
Phone: +49 5272 608-120

Our synergies, your benefits

Direct from the manufacturer
Products sourced centrally, shipped reliably on schedule from the manufacturer or a certified partner.

Time savings
Discuss your needs with a personal contact; we handle the rest, considering local conditions, technical requirements, architecture, and regulations.

With years of manufacturing experience, our partners possess extensive expertise, ensuring the chosen products meet your project's requirements.

We provide ideal solutions for your unique building project, from standard to customized configurations.

International orientation
Our free BS and ANSI standards specification service ensures peace of mind globally, with certified products from all partners.

All-round service
Receive digital tender documents, mock-ups, design data, indicative prices, product data sheets, certificates, samples, and installation instructions from us.

Product knowledge
Receive comprehensive technical information, assembly instructions, and product training. We familiarize you with our products and provide experienced support.

We ensure perfect complementarity in design and technical specs for all package products, playing a key role in building durability, security, and aesthetics.

Our designs are based on a budget, always compliant with standards and never over- engineered.

Expert advice
With our expertise, we consistently find the best solutions for your individual requirements within an efficient budget.

5 potent brands for your doors

Introduction of partners
BSW, CES, FSB, Norseal and Woelm (HELM Sliding hardware) are five companies steeped in tradition with a shared vision and a shared aim.

This free spec writing service is aimed at architects, planners, and designers.

As a premium door hardware manufacturer, FSB offers complete specification services for door hardware for premium projects at no cost to the project. Our spec writing process contains four steps from the initial project information and aesthetic vision to the software-based specifications and the formulation of the hardware groupings. This service is a must for architects, planners, and designers. Experience a webcast with technology at highest level. We present solutions with an unparalleled sense for the aesthetic of functionality.

FSB and the courage for aesthetics in their functional form.

A handle is never just a handle. A door handle, a window handle or a lever handle are always a commitment to a clearly defined design language. This confession requires courage. Courage to be consistent. Courage to design. Courage to detail. Courage for sustainability. FSB has this courage for perfection. For 140 years.

That’s the way you get specs written.

Door hardware specifications may differ from country to country as well as from building to building. Every building has different functional requirements to fulfill, and these are also mirrored in our door-planning process.

We undertake this complex process and ensure that the design, as well as the surface finish of the product, is coherent to achieve your aesthetic vision.

Realize your project.
Wherever you live, whatever you are planning – FSB has your back.

Use our FSB Door Hardware Specification Service.

Meet the Team

Timothy J. Perry, QDOC, QDFI, AHC, Reg.AI
Architectural Hardware Consultant
E-Mail: timothy.perry@fsb.de
Phone +44 7340 666181

Reinke Massolle
Area Sales Manager
E-Mail: reinke.massolle@fsb.de
Phone +49 5272 608 704

Murtuza Kaizer
Architectural Ironmongery Consultant
E-Mail: murtuza.kaizer@fsb.de
Phone +971 50 25 94 762