Flush window handle

Reduced form, outstanding function

Set a stylish accent, or integrate minimally reserved into the surrounding space. Both are possible with the flush window handle - thanks to various surface combinations. FSB combines the simplest design with the highest level of technical sophistication, complementing the existing flush portfolio with an innovative solution for timber and metal windows that is as elegant as it is functional.

The bevel as a concept

FSB has responded to the architectural trend towards pared-down functional details with an established assortment of flush solutions for doors and windows. It is now extending this portfolio with a new flush window handle whose operating principle facilitates an especially minimalist look. The solution created by the designers Markus Michalski and Michael Schmidt brings together the best in engineering and aesthetics.

This combination of function and form finds its visual expression in a bevel. Its role as an operating element is illuminated by the contrast created by light reflecting differently off the bevel and the flat front of the handle. The outcome of this concept is a window handle that is completely integrated in the window. When not being used, the stainless steel lever is fully and unassumingly immersed in the profile.

A push on the bevel releases the lever for operation as a handle. This new flush window handle demonstrates that less really can be more.

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Functionality of the Flush window handle

The new flush window handle is accommodated in a perfectly dimensioned aluminium shell. A push of the finger releases the lever from the shell for operation as a conventional window handle. The handle is available for both timber and aluminium profiles, and a lockable variant is also produced for a resistance class validating reliable protection against burglary. Apart from the aesthetic merits of its minimalist design, the form of the handle provides numerous functional benefits – in private dwellings and commercial and public buildings alike.

It allows an internal shutter or sun blind to hang very close to the window, including adjacent to the position of the handle. In the case of bifold systems, the individual leaves can be folded very close to each other when the door or window is opened. Thanks to the flush mounting, at first glance neither windows nor ventilation panels look as though they can be opened. In the absence of a protruding handle or lever, the new flush design also rules out the risk of injury.

One window handle, multiple finishes

The shell and lever can be configured in a variety of material and colour combinations. This freedom allows the handle to be coordinated with every interior design concept and taste. The flush window handle can be used as a stylistic highlight or simply integrated in the window profile and ambient space with minimalist restraint.

Selection of flush window handles

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