FSB plug-in handles for doors and windows

Uniquely minimalist

FSB provides the wherewithal for fitting handles of consistent design and material to doors and windows from the cellar right up to the loft. FSB’s plug-in handles for internal doors follow on from those for windows and embody the same principle.

FSB Plug-in handles for internal doors

The formal and functional qualities of FSB’s plug-in handle come into their own wherever, in keeping with the adage “less is more”, particular store is set by good design and unobtrusive elegance.

FSB Plug-in handles for timber, metal and PVC windows

What a difference less can make! With its radically pared-down rose, the FSB plug-in handle is ideal for any window profile – whether timber, metal or PVC. There is nothing reductionist about the range of variants available, though: awaiting assembly are ca. 30 different handle designs in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass and Bronze.

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FSB plug-in handles for internal doors

Bespoke applications

FSB’s plug-in handle for internal doors is very much at home in select housing projects and, with the applicable certification pending (as at October 2018), is equally suitable for ambitious Civic & Commercial schemes too. The formal and functional qualities of FSB’s new plug-in handle come into their own wherever, in keeping with the adage “less is more”, particular store is set by good design and unobtrusive elegance. Its rose measures just 30 mm across and 2 mm from top to bottom, a veritable feat of minimalism.


Fitting the new FSB plug-in handle is a very straightforward affair: first the door drillings for the clamping roses are prepared to suit a diameter of either 26 or 27 mm. This can be performed under the CNC system or else manually with a keyhole saw. Companion key roses are aligned and bonded to the door with the aid of a template. The clamping roses are now inserted into the door drillings on either side, whereupon the adaptors are slipped over the spindle running through the lock follower and firmly secured with screws. Once the cover roses have been slotted into place, the operation can be completed by plugging in the handles.

New Product Group 15

FSB plug-in handles for internal doors constitute the new Product Group 15. Their product codes are formulated in the same way as for the proven bearing FSB ASL®, Product Group 12.

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FSB Plug-in handles for timber and metal windows

New to the market

At last, anyone for whom less is more can now partake of the aesthetic quality of plug-in handles that look as lean as lean whether fitted to aluminium, timber or PVC profiles

The new FSB plug-in handle aids correct operation of the window by both tactile and acoustic means. The window can be heard and felt to slot into position at 90° intervals when opened, closed and tilted.

How FSB plug-in handles with round roses are assembled does not depend on the window drive mechanism, as assembly is via a deadlock in the profile.

The option of fitting plug-in handles to tim- ber frames is new to the market. Assembly in such cases merely involves ordering an additional adaptor (Product Code 03 0401 00000) that facilitates deadlocking.

Highest quality rating of H3/180

All FSB window handles fitted with ball catches (no ball catch in the case of plug-in handles for PVC profiles) – and hence also its plug-in handles – are engineered to deliver 20,000 operations/120,000 click-stop events (180° turn-and-tilt cycles), earning them the highest quality rating of H3/180 under DIN EN 13126-3. The new version of DIN EN 13126-3 has redefined the requirements and downgraded them from 25,000 to 20,000 tilt and turn cycles. Of course, the FSB window and window handles continue to meet the 25,000 turn and tilt cycles. The RAL Quality Assurance Association has re-aligned its requirements with the criteria set forth in DIN EN 13 126-3, meaning that hardware merely now needs to endure 10,000 180° tilt-turn cycles to qualify for the RAL quality kitemark.

Lockable plug-in handles for timber and metal windows

A new solution involving a lock cylinder that can be comfortably operated by key from the front is of ideal assistance in implementing security schemes for burglarresistant windows in the form of lockable window handles. It is possible using the lock cylinder to additionally fit a selection of the FSB plug-in handles shown on Pages 5 and 6 to burglar-resistant windows. Thus functional add-ons can be executed in the same style and material as your favoured handle! It goes without saying that these solutions are certified to DIN EN 13 126-3, and that they are wholly suitable for burglar-resistant windows of classes RC 1 to RC 6 as per standards DIN EN 1627 to 1630.