Narrow stile door hardware

Wittgenstein’s ingenious idea: to enable fittings to be attached to narrow stiles whilst avoiding hands getting caught between slamming face and door jamb, in the 1920s the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein had a cranked door handle made for the slamming face to his own drawings that he combined with an uncranked male lever handle on the leading face. This idea had a crucial impact upon the design of handle ranges and continues to do so today. FSB includes just such a set of narrow stile door lever handles in each of its new handle collections.

As well as supplying a complete range of narrow style door fittings such as lever handles, knobs and pulls in metal, plastic or wood, over the years FSB has constantly honed its fixing systems in line with the specific requirements of narrow stile doors and their fittings.

These spatial restrictions are something of a problem when it comes to fixing hardware. Short backsets and the inability to secure bolts through narrow stile door locks has regrettably led to face fixing becoming the norm, with the attendant irritation of loose and wobbly fittings.

All FSB heavy-duty narrow stile door fittings feature an oval or square rose, an integrated positive mechanism and turnably fixed sliding bearings. Fixing is concealed and is carried out using M5 countersunk screws at 50 mm centres. Standard versions are visibly fixed and do not include the positive mechanism.

Technical information

Spurred on variously by Wittgenstein’s brainwave, our knowledge of the notorious fixing problems involved and innovations arrived at in cooperation with Sächsische Schlossfabrik (SSF), FSB has realigned its fixing system for narrow stile door fittings and placed it on a new system-driven technical footing.

Fastenings included with product

In the past, we have often had to deal with complaints that were the result of fittings not having been installed in accordance with their function or our recommendations. To avoid these difficulties, our products are now supplied complete with the corresponding fastenings. They consist of M5 non-loosening screws and rivet nuts to suit the bases of narrow stile door fittings. By turn, the heads of the rivet nuts (11 mm diameter) fit perfectly on the underside of FSB fittings for narrow stile doors. Please note that a standard assembly tool is required for inserting blind rivet nuts.

The combination of rivet nuts, bases (with integrated anti-slip/screw-retention devices) and non-loosening screws ensures that hardware can be fitted so as not to work loose. Accordingly, FSB will not in future entertain any faulty-product complaints where use has not been made of original FSB fastenings.