otl aicher 100

Grasping Handles

Photo: Timm Rautert

Limited Edition

FSB 1305

Getting where we want to

Otl Aicher Pictograms

Allgau polymath, graphic designer and college founder Otl Aicher would have turned 100 in 2022. Just how topical his work remains is underlined by the many exhibitions, events and publications marking the centenary of his birth. We, too, have much to thank him for and are eager to enter into dialogue.

Let’s talk about Otl!

Do you want to have a say? In addition to food for thought, the tiles provide numerous anecdotes from our valuable collaboration with Otl. Find out what inspired Otl for our logo and what rules a hand reaching for the door handle follows. Let the limited edition of the FSB 1305 designed by Otl impress you or access one of the numerous events that we accompany in his honor.

Access to Otl is diverse and so is – we are sure – a discourse that honors him. We look forward to the exchange and welcome you to our Instagram profile

Otl Aicher and FSB

Four-Point Guide to
Good Grip

Limited Edition

Getting where we
want to

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