Limited Edition

FSB 1305 by Otl Aicher

A new design by Otl Aicher? Well, yes, we can certainly deliver on that too for his hundredth birthday. We are marking the centenary of Aicher’s birth by issuing a design of his from the late 1980s, one that has never before seen the light of day, as a one-off produced manually by the FSB Handmade unit. The FSB 1305 door lever is being supplied in a limited edition of 100.

The door lever is available in the variants Silver Anodised Aluminium and Blasted Aluminium Black Anodised. What were the handle’s origins? We can only surmise, though it definitely bears the stylistic imprint not only of Johannes Potente’s moulded-to-the-hand handles but also of the Wittgenstein handle – both design statements Otl Aicher is known to have been a big fan of.

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An original Otl Aicher fitting for your door

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