FSB 1289 product collection

Design: Markus Michalski + Michael Schmidt

The FSB 1289 model authored by designers Markus Michalski and Michael Schmidt, boasts up-to-the-minute, pared down styling. Its elegant, finely nuanced flow of lines at the front exudes a clarity that is a joy to behold. The user’s hand is caressed by well-proportioned curvature on the inside of the handle that makes for sumptuous, ergonomically “soft” gripping.

Up-to-the minute in every sense

The quality that sets FSB apart invariably reveals itself in the form, function and craftsmanship of our products. FSB 1289 has been pared down in a particularly elegant manner: thin as it may look from the front, the ergonomics of its operation are nevertheless impeccable due to its well-proportioned gripping volume.

The extensive product collection’s formal cohesiveness is very much in tune with the age, moreover, taking account of all types of door and window. FSB 1289 acquires a very special allure in a Blasted Aluminium Black Anodised finish that brings out the full effect of the handle’s design to particularly stylish effect.

The product collection is additionally supplied in a Polished Silver Anodised Aluminium finish (FSB 0105).

Anything that’s made well, should also be designed to be timeless. We always aim to achieve synergies in production processes and make responsible use of resources when manufacturing items. Contributing greatly to this is the recyclable material Aluminium that we have selected for this handle range.


Models for standard and narrow-stile doors are augmented by variants for emergency-exit doors, a window and a lifting/sliding door handle, a tee handle for windows, plug-in handles for doors and windows, a lockset plate for glass doors and a lever handle with privacy function. FSB 1290 is a variant certified to EN 179 featuring what is known as a return-to-door.

One product collection – one geometry

An interview with the designers

„What you first see when beholding the handle is its lean, pared-down shape, but upon taking hold of it with your hand, it is found to be satisfyingly bulky at the back, a fact most conducive to ergonomic operation.“

One with the formal vocabulary

FSB 1289 also blends in particularly well with our door pulls (FSB 66 6550 – 66 6552) and sliding-door handles (FSB 42 4260 – 42 4265), whose styling is felicitously reflected in the handle grip’s flat front face and rear bulkiness.

Left: 42 4260 Right: 42 4263
Sliding-door pulls
here: Aluminium black anodised

66 6550
Pull handle
here: Aluminium black anodised