Single parts and accessories

If you have a choice, you're not spoiled for choice at FSB. Square instead of round rose? Fancy a different lever handle design? Need a spare part? FSB adapter technology opens the door to a previously unknown degree of flexibility. The appropriate FSB accessories ensure a perfect fit with the products in our range.

Overview of individual parts and accessories

Single door handles

Single door handles are a suitable choice for you if you need a simple replacement for a defective door handle or want to change the style of your door handles. The prerequisite is the presence of already mounted FSB hardware in the adapter technology. FSB door handles are easy and quick to install and usually require only a few screws.

Roses and backplates

Roses and backplates are components that complete a door lever set. They are decorative covers that are mounted around the lever handle to create an elegant finish. Both can come in a variety of materials, colors and designs to suit your personal style.


Doorstoppers for floor and wall mounting: from stainless steel and aluminum to bronze. Optional shims, for example in black finish, emphasize the elegant appearance and additionally protect your ambience. And the variety is convincing; Whether securing wood screw, aluminum in natural colors or even classic simplicity, such as stops made of black rubber.

Installation technology

When operating door handle sets, not inconsiderable forces occur. This applies in particular to fittings on doors that are frequently used. Only carefully drilled and mounted door fittings guarantee trouble-free use in the long term. Our drilling templates are easy to use and enable precise and fast installation.

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