The elegant classic material

Brass can be rightly regarded as the quintessential classic amongst hardware materials. FSB has been marketing door/window fittings and their accessories in this classy material since time immemorial.

For four decades, FSB has offered selected door and window fittings and their accessories in brass. Apart from door and window fittings, our product range includes handles for entrance doors including accessories.

Brass fittings are offered in a variety of alloys and for a variety of prices in the market. However, not everything that shines like gold is made of real brass. But from us, it is. We exclusively use copper-zinc alloys defined in DIN 17 660 as CuZn 37, material numbers 2.0321 or 2.0335.

Protection from corrosion

It is often not mentioned that brass material tends to corrode in daily use. There is only one answer to that: and that is cleaning. If you have ever been on holiday in the Nordic countries, you will know how carefully the brass fittings are cleaned every week on house doors.

Waxed brass parts are polished during daily use. The parts which are not touched quickly develop a brown to grey-green patina. Many buyers see a particular aesthetic charm in this maturing of the surface. Varnished brass fittings lose their gloss finish as soon as the varnish is damaged. Then intercrystalline corrosion will start. For a fee, corroded fittings can be restored


FSB basically only recommends the use of waxed brass surfaces. Polished waxed surfaces can be cleaned with standard, commercially available cleaners. We also recommend that brass surfaces are not used, in particular in outdoor areas, where the effects of sunshine and weather inevitably lead to manifestations of corrosion and above all, not to plan brass fittings in public buildings for frequently used doors. Unless of course, you accept the constant cleaning required or accept the natural patina.


FSB 4305

Bright Brass Waxed

FSB 4684
Brass Dark Patinated Waxed