Standard door pulls

Purist design

Matching the formal vocabulary of the gripping devices on our new sliding door handles are three new door pulls that extend their perfect presence to glass and external doors.

Here, too, less is more and purism a symbol of modern-day luxury. There is a choice of linear, symmetrical and asymmetrical models, all in Aluminium.

The front of the handles is of flat design, whilst an area of curvature on the back makes for convenient gripping. The circular brackets are neatly mitred onto their handles, a detail that speaks volumes about the hardware’s class and precision engineering.

Our new standard door pulls will be available as of the 4th quarter of 2020, all technical data being subject to modification.

66 6551
Symmetrical door pull
here: Blasted Aluminium
Medium Bronze Anodised 0510

66 6552
Asymmetrical door pull
here: Aluminium Polished
Silver Anodised 0105

66 6550
In-line door pull
here: Blasted Aluminium
Black Anodised 0810