L700 LightAccess Pro

The right choice for every building

L700 suits a wide variety of application scenarios and can be deployed on a small, medium or large scale. Its ease of assembly and start-up combine with its particularly convenient operation by smartphone to make the system the number one choice. Set out alongside are just a few of the wide-ranging options it opens up.

Access for service staff
You may not be at home and nevertheless need to let tradesmen or a cleaner in to one or more rooms; you may be expecting a parcel to be delivered; or a nurse calls round regularly at given times and the patient is not able to open the door themselves. No one likes handing out conventional keys to simply anyone – they could get lost or used improperly. The time limits that the digital key can create in conjunction with standard smartphones, allows access to be granted within specified time slots and revoked at any time.

(Temporarily) unoccupied buildings
A number of people may need to gain access to rooms with no one there to open the door for them; an estate agent might wish to show prospective tenants around a property, and they need to be able to enter both the overall building and the flat itself. The L700 places the awarding of access rights straightforwardly and flexibly in your own hands.

Offices and innovative ways of working
A variety of people may work independently of each other in shared spaces; users and access rights to given rooms tend to alter constantly in co-working or desksharing environments. L700 opens up new vistas for the smart management of infrastructure.

Private flats and houses
Maybe the kids have mislaid their keys yet again, you’ve left your own keys in the office, you’ve got relatives coming, you want to let your neighbour in to water the flowers while you’re away, or you suddenly get an urge to be able to conveniently operate your flat or garage door by smartphone as part of your up-to-the-minute smart home regime.

With L700 your key really does become interconnected. A system that is child’s play to handle makes misplaced keys a thing of the past and allows you to indulge in the diverse pleasures afforded by using digital access management.

Holiday domiciles
Holiday domiciles Anyone who rents out holiday flats is constantly having to arrange appointments for the handing-over or return of keys – and in many cases has to appear in person for that purpose. The mislaying of keys has costly consequences and is a dreadful nuisance. L700 enables access authorisations to be awarded to match the duration of the booking that can be conveniently sent by email or SMS to the guest’s smartphone. The digital key is enabled at the precise point when the holiday begins and automatically expires at the end of the holiday.