FSB’s 2019 Bauhaus trilogy

Grasping Wagenfeld, Gropius and Mies van der Rohe afresh

FSB is marking the centenary of the founding of the Bauhaus by launching a series of revamped door lever collections as a tribute to three key representatives of that legendary school of thought.

FSB’s Bauhaus trilogy comprises re-designs of a door lever by former Bauhaus disciple Wilhelm Wagenfeld (re-issued as FSB 1021 by FSB designer Hartmut Weise), of the “Gropius handle” designed by Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius and his office manager Adolf Meyer (re-issued as FSB 1102 by Alessandro Mendini) and of models by the final Bauhaus director Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (re-issued as FSB 1267 by FSB designer Hartmut Weise).

FSB has injected new life into the original designs by sensitively reworking them. The original handles have been adapted to meet modern building engineering requirements whilst their formal idiom has been judiciously modified. FSB 1021 and FSB 1102 are long-standing members of the FSB product range that, as of now, are also available with cut, visibly fixed backplates and roses (round or angular) and as a plug-in handle for doors (with pared-down roses), thus perfectly upholding the qualities inherent in the originals from the 1920s.

FSB 1267, by contrast, constitutes a completely new product collection.

FSB 1021

FSB 1021 is a reworked model that FSB came up with in the 1990s. The original design by Wilhelm Wagenfeld sported a striking combination of circular neck and flat grip and was in every sense a prototypically modernist lever handle design. FSB 1021 is available in either Aluminium or Stainless Steel for fitting to flush and glazed doors, as a window handle and as a plug-in handle with pared-down rose for doors.

FSB 1102

FSB 1102 draws on Alessandro Mendini’s refashioning of the “Gropius handle”, a feat he achieved as a submission to FSB’s legendary first design workshop by using different materials and adding a groove. Mendini’s product collection embraces variants in Aluminium and Stainless Steel (with or without a black grip) for flush, narrow-frame and glazed doors, a window handle, a lifting/sliding door handle and plug-in handles with pared-down roses for doors and windows.

FSB 1267

Completing FSB’s Bauhaus trilogy are Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and FSB 1267. The new door lever model takes the flowing transition from circular neck to flat grip that characterised its forebears marketed in 1928 and re-interprets it, in the process reducing the forefinger furrow to a mere notion. The actual grip has been straightened out.