Uniquely minimalist:

FSB plug-in handles for timber, metal and PVC windows

Following the successful introduction of plug-in handles for timber and metal windows in 2018, FSB now presents further variants for windows made of synthetic materials. This comprehensive product range is truly set apart by a fine-fitting rose that gives the handle an extraordinarily pared-down appearance, making it an ideal product in elegantly restrained interiors. The new collection is suitable for virtually all window profiles.

The formal and functional qualities of FSB’s plug-in handles come into their own wherever the emphasis is on sophisticated minimalist design: their roses measure just 30 mm across and 6 mm from top to bottom, a veritable feat of minimalism. More than 30 different handle models in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass and Bronze make for almost unlimited design latitude.

The handles aid correct operation of the window by both tactile and acoustic means. The window can be heard and felt to slot into position at 90° intervals when opened, closed and tilted. The handles are equipped with ball catches engineered to deliver up to 25,000 operations/150,000 click-stop events (180° turn-and-tilt cycles), earning them the highest quality rating of 5/180 under DIN EN 13126-3 and ensuring consistent quality and fitness for function for a great many years to come.

FSB has also developed a lockable version for timber and metal profiles to meet the growing demands being made of anti-intrusion devices. The lock cylinder and key or, alternatively, the push-button can be comfortably operated from the front. This enables added functional features to be implemented in the same pared-down style and material as the handle itself.

Merits and properties of the new FSB plug-in handles for windows at a glance:
– suitable for metal, timber and PVC profiles
– spindle projection for metal and timber windows variable between 24-38 mm and between 16-53 mm for PVC windows
– circular rose (30 mm in diameter)
– available in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass and Bronze
– more than 30 models can be operated as plug-in handles for doors and windows
– easy to fit independently of the window drive
– secure clamping mechanism for timber and metal profiles, secure screw-fastening to PVC profiles
– concealed fixing
– identical female handle for plug-in and lever handles
– tested to DIN EN 13126-3 (pending for PVC profiles)
– available as a lockable variant for timber and metal profiles

Optimised operating technique
The actions of sliding, locking and opening are for the first time performed by a single component flush-recessed into the leaf of the door in FSB’s new products for sliding doors. There is no longer any need for an additional operating element for the locking action. The grip section (fixed) or thumbturn (rotatable) is tilted outwards or rotated when activated and is thus more conducive to ergonomic use. With its optimised operating technique, FSB creates unique scope for intuitive operation that opens up completely new means of proceeding when sliding a door back and forth. Whilst the gripping area is enlarged by the outward tilting of the grip, the design nevertheless remains singularly minimalist. The operating element blends in perfectly with sophisticated interior schemes by echoing their salient features.

Benefits and properties of FSB’s new sliding door handles at a glance:
– six different variants (three rectangular, two round, one square)
– available in a variety of colour and material permutations
– lockable and non-lockable models
– for fitting to either single or double sliding doors
– recess depth of handle shell: 12.5 mm
– handle shell projection above face of door: 2mm
– uncomplicated, secure assembly with clip-in action, no drilling or glueing

About FSB
FSB is a byword the world over for visually and functionally top-quality hardware solutions for doors and windows, electronic access control and sanitary fit-outs. Architects and builders’ clients favour reaching out for products from Brakel owing to FSB’s great design expertise and its profound understanding of the requirements of modern construction. Everything in any way associated with handle culture in built spaces is catered to from a single source.

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