Elegantly timeless:

the FSB 1285 heavy-duty range

Cooperation between Messrs Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH + Co KG and noted architects Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez has yielded a new handle collection: FSB 1285. Unobtrusive elegance rubs shoulders with slim-line styling in the new product range. Its timeless design delivers a wealth of compellingly formulated detail to facilitate cohesive solutions for all manner of deployment in enclosed spaces.

Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez have, with FSB 1285, fashioned a heavy-duty range in an elegant formal idiom conducive to stylistic coherence over a great many application scenarios. FSB 1285 constitutes a reinterpretation of the cranked lever handle as we know it in that achieving the stepped transition from the handle’s neck to its grip section merely involves adjusting the radius between the two slightly. The hardware maker’s latest offering thus marries minimalist looks to judiciously formulated technical detail. Originally devised for a hotel project, the range meets the most exacting technical requirements for fire and narrow stile doors of premium quality.

Antonio Rodriguez sees designing a product for FSB as being a long-held wish finally come true: “The high quality of FSB’s products sits well with our own approach to quality. So, we’re very pleased to have at long last got around to putting a design of our own to practical effect with FSB. ”

Besides lever handles for flush, narrow stile and glass doors and for emergency exit devices conforming to DIN EN 179, the new product collection also embraces conventional window handles, plug-in handles with pareddown roses for doors and windows and a door knob for flush doors. FSB 1285 comes in Aluminium and is prepared for FSB’s ASL®/AGL® bearing systems.

About FSB
FSB is a byword the world over for visually and functionally top-quality hardware solutions for doors and windows, electronic access control and sanitary fit-outs. Architects and builders’ clients favour reaching out for products from Brakel owing to FSB’s great design expertise and its profound understanding of the requirements of modern construction. Everything in any way associated with handle culture in built spaces is catered to from a single source.

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