“Door Handle FSB 1144 by Jasper Morrison” published by Verlag form

Author: Jasmin Jouhar

In the 1980s and 1990s, FSB invited pre-eminent designers to develop unique handles that could be incorporated into the German company's product portfolio. FSB 1144 is the upshot of a cooperative venture between FSB and Jasper Morrison. This year's international Frankfurt Book Fair (16-20 October 2019) sees the launch by the form publishing house of “Door Handle FSB 1144 by Jasper Morrison” in its form Design Classics series.

In this latest addition to the series, authoress Jasmin Jouhar describes how, some 30 years ago, the British designer and the hardware manufacturer from eastern Westphalia joined forces to come up with a new doorhandle collection. FSB 1144 was Morrison's first commission from the sector, one in which he evolved an approach to design that subsequently acquired the tag of “Super Normal” in design circles.

Jasmin Jouhar (born 1976) is a freelance author and editor based in Berlin. An art historian, she writes on international topics relating to architecture, interiors and design for acclaimed print/online magazines and daily newspapers.

Design classics reflect the essence of their age and are notable for mouldbreaking stylistic features, their innovative use of materials and outstanding aesthetic and functional credentials. The form Design Classics series has showcased numerous icons from the world of design since 1997. Currently edited by Barbara Glasner (Verlag form, Frankfurt am Main), it now appears in a new format.

form Design Classics
“Door Handle FSB 1144 by Jasper Morrison”
Editor: Barbara Glasner, form publishing house
Softcover, 14.8 x 20 cm, 48 pages
German ISBN 978-3-943962-64-2
English ISBN 978-3-943962-63-5
9,80 € (DE)
Orderable from: www.classics.design

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