Aluminium Pure by FSB

A ground-breaking innovation with a new look


With its new finish Aluminium Pure, FSB shows what a great impression sustainability can make. FSB is delighted to be the very first manufacturer of fittings to offer this finish.

The final stages of customary aluminium processing, namely the polishing and anodising or powder coating, are left out. The appearance of Aluminium Pure (FSB 0013) products is defined by the traces made on its surface by ceramic pellets during the process of slide grinding. Several hours of tumbling the handles in this bath, give the otherwise untreated surface an organic texture.

Door and window handles with the Aluminium Pure finish are a perfect match for modern interiors, unfinished concrete walls and untreated wood. In addition, their charm is enhanced with the passage of time. Since the surface lacks an anodised protective layer, it changes over the years in the places where frequent hand contact occurs. This patina is already much appreciated by architects who value FSB’s bronze products.

One reason for the pleasant feel of aluminium – the featherweight among metals – is its ability to adapt so well to the ambient temperature. Aluminium Pure furthermore has an almost soft touch to it and resists abrasion.

Aluminium Pure avoids the production of dust that otherwise arises from polishing or blasting. The absence of anodising saves water and electricity, and makes recycling easier at the end of the product’s life. Measured against the finish FSB 0105 (natural colour, anodised), energy consumption is an impressive 37 % lower. All the aluminium used by FSB has a footprint of 4 kg CO2/kg – just one-quarter of the global average. What’s more, the material can be recycled again and again without any losses.

With immediate effect, FSB is offering the unrivalled finish Aluminium Pure in three of its product collections, including FSB 1289 and FSB 1267. The second of these pays homage to the door handle designs of the architect and Bauhaus director Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. His principle, “less is more”, finds its perfect expression in Aluminium Pure.

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