BAU 2023:

Our innovations within reach


FSB is pleasing to both the eye and the hand as it grasps. At BAU 2023 we are adding a new dimension to the experience of seeing, touching and grasping hold of objects. In Hall B4 on Booth 131 we are opening our doors to colour and re-imagined window handles from April 17 to 22.

About FSB
FSB is a global byword for door and window handles of supreme aesthetic and functional quality. Moreover, specialist expertise amassed over the past 140 years and more has given rise to fixture and fitting systems that make it easier for those with reduced mobility to negotiate interior spaces. Invariably made in Germany, they are the products of choice for architects and builders thanks to FSB's outstanding design expertise and profound understanding of the requirements of modern construction. FSB caters to every aspect of handle culture for built spaces from a single source.

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