Surprising yet clear-cut:

the new FSB 1289 product collection


The latest product from the FSB company, model 1289, boasts purist and, at the same time, new-age looks coupled with engineering of the highest order. Visually restrained as the design Markus Michalski and Michael Schmidt have arrived at may be, its haptic qualities are surprising. Just how clever the handle’s well-conceived styling is becomes clear upon using it, fully living up to the exacting aesthetic aspirations of all who take their custom to the premium architectural hardware manufacturer from Brakel.

The FSB 1289 product collection was born of a will to create up-to-theminute design endowed with a degree of formal cohesion enabling it to be combined with the existing product portfolio whilst nevertheless being surprising in some ways. “We were intent on coming up with a design that is not loud and yet contains many points of fine detail that become apparent either upon closer inspection or when the handle is taken hold of and operated”, designer Markus Michalski explains. Michael Schmidt goes on to draw attention to the sustainability authentically lived out at FSB: “Another point pivotal to how the shape evolved was a desire to make the handle as easy as possible to efficiently manufacture. Where the processes involved are sufficiently well-conceived, fewer raw materials and lower levels of productive capacity are required.”

What you first see when beholding the handle is its lean, pared-down shape, but upon taking hold of it with your hand, it is found to be satisfyingly bulky at the back, a fact most conducive to ergonomic operation. The stylistic feat that makes Michalski and Schmidt’s handle so exciting is the way it succeeds in being restrained and eminently innovative in equal measure: “Transcending the rigidly linear was essentially what we were after”, Markus Michalski says. “There are no straight or constructed lines in our design. Neither are there any conventional radii. We operated with curves throughout. Curves engender momentum, whereas lines are static.”

Strict continuity over the most diverse areas of application

At the heart of all our various product collections alongside top-quality manufacture is a sense of strict continuity over all applications. Hence, our latest FSB 1289 product collection includes a classic handle for standard and narrow-stile doors supplemented by variants for emergency exits, a window handle, a lifting/sliding door handle, a tee handle, reductionist plug-in handles for doors and windows and a lockset plate for glass doors. The new collection harmonises particularly well with the sliding-door handles FSB 42 4260 – 42 4265 and door pulls FSB 66 6550 – 66 6552, whose styling is felicitously replicated in the new products. The new model is also ideal for fitting in sanitary areas, to conclude. The products in the barrier-free ErgoSystem® A100 collection match the newcomers to perfection in terms of both colour and shape. Thus, once again, FSB facilitates a most agreeably cohesive fitting-out of all applicable areas.

The FSB 1289 product collection is available in the finishes Polished Silver Anodised Aluminium (0105) and Blasted Aluminium Black Anodised (0810). Further surface finishes can also be supplied to order.

About FSB
FSB has been focusing on perfection for more than 140 years now and is a byword the world over for visually and functionally peerless hardware solutions for doors and windows and for barrier-free sanitary fit-outs of the highest order. Architects and builders’ clients relish reaching out for products from Brakel in recognition of FSB’s great design expertise and profound understanding of the requirements of modern construction. Everything in any way associated with handle culture in built spaces is catered to from a single source.

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