Complexity-proficient for the future

FSB further advances its strategic refocusing policy


Courage, openness and curiosity have for over 140 years now been defining values for a premium hardware manufacturer from Brakel that sees itself and its products as being part of many people‘s lived reality. At a time when the world and its markets are undergoing rapid and fundamental change, FSB is helping shape the transition by refocusing upon its outstanding proficiency as an architectural brand. The prime areas of action here are sustainability, digitisation and internationalisation. So as to bundle synergies and further strengthen customer relations worldwide, the company is additionally embracing new organisational structures for its sales activities.

FSB is the ideal partner in the Civic/Commercial sector. The premium hardware manufacturer from Brakel is set apart by its sectorally unique grasp of architecture and its supreme devotion to aesthetics. Architects and planners savour its timeless formal idiom, the uncompromising quality of its materials and the perfection that goes into the making of its products. That applies both to its comprehensive standard range, whose extraordinary breadth sees it cover the whole gamut of requirements for buildings, as well as to its FSB Handmade sector, in which shape is lent to customers’ own notions. FSB is intent on remaining the Number One choice and an indispensable partner in future too.

“Along with sustainability,” CEO Jürgen Hess explains, “we will in future be focusing on digitisation and innovations for international Civic/Commercial construction. Sustainability, after all, is set to play an even more crucial role in architecture and the building industry.” Circular economies, revamping older buildings, participative planning processes, adopting regional resources – these are just some of the issues exercising the minds of a new generation of architects that no longer plans and thinks at the level of utopia but instead addresses itself in a very concrete and often small-scale way to the major themes of our age. FSB is further sharpening its profile as an architectural brand with a view to chiming in more effectively with this new generation and, as a dependable partner, continuing in future to deliver certainty, simplicity and clarity in an increasingly complex and multivalent world.

Change at the top at Sales
“The overriding aim of our Sales activities is and remains to serve as an ideal partner in the Civic/Commercial building sector by fulfilling the needs of customers, planners and architects as flexibly as possible,” states Ralf Frischemeier, who assumed overall control of Sales & Distribution at Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH + Co KG on 15 August 2022. Mr Frischemeier was accorded joint powers of procuration upon taking up his new post. He was born in eastern Westphalia, has been with FSB for over 30 years, and has managed international sales since 2016. “I’m most grateful for the trust that’s been placed in me and I look forward to some exciting new challenges,” the 53-year-old executive adds. Managing partner Tobias Gockeln has likewise voiced his pleasure about the new appointment: “We have found a strong personality in Ralf Frischemeier, a man who champions continuity and progress in equal measure, places people centre-stage and boasts long years of experience in the international Civic/Commercial business.“ So as to bundle synergies and further strengthen customer relations worldwide, the company is additionally putting new organisational structures in place for its sales activities. The premium hardware manufacturer from Brakel will in future be working individual markets with agile teams that are closely intermeshed with the company’s Field Service and trading partners.

About FSB
FSB is a global byword for door and window handles of supreme aesthetic and functional quality. Specialist expertise amassed over the past 140 years and more has additionally given rise to barrier-free fitment systems that make it easier to negotiate spaces per se. Architects and builders’ clients relish reaching out for products made in Germany as a matter of course in recognition of FSB’s great design expertise and profound understanding of the requirements of modern construction. Everything in any way associated with handle culture in built spaces is catered to from a single source.

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