Where every detail follows a common thread:

FSB's all-embracing product collections


A clear and consistent formal vocabulary is needed to make an (artistic) whole of architecture. For a building to be right in both stylistic and technical terms it needs to adhere to fundamental architectural and design principles in every respect. FSB looks upon such a policy of formative cohesion as a common thread running through everything in any way associated with handle culture in architecture. The end-to-end ranges produced by the premium hardware manufacturer from Brakel allow the most diverse areas of a building to be incorporated into a uniform scheme embracing everything from door and window handles to a barrier-free grab- and handrail system.

FSB makes a key contribution towards bringing great architecture about with product ranges that boast formal consistency, timeless elegance and top-notch materials. Combining a cohesive approach to design with endto-end lines of hardware will lastingly enhance any building. FSB has a huge variety of products, materials and finishes to offer architects, interior designers and planners, along with endless design options rendered possible by dedicated production technologies.

A comprehensive product collection for every handle model

Following a common design thread, each FSB lever-handle model is supplemented by a comprehensive product collection serving the most diverse areas of application. The models for standard and framed doors supplied are augmented by variants for emergency exits, lever and tee handles for windows, lifting/sliding door handles, plug-in handles for doors and windows and lockset plates for glass doors. All the members of any FSB product collection are cohesively aligned with one another in terms of their shape, function, material and finish in a spirit of absolute overall perfection. The design of the lever handle serves as the basis for a variety of related formal and technical configurations.

The multifarious functions and variants of the individual products meet all the relevant requirements for a building. Window handles, for instance, are lockable, lever handles can be fitted either with roses or optionally with visibly fixed or cut roses and backplates – all matching the design of the lever-handle collection, of course. FSB fittings are not only supplied for standard doors, moreover: sliding doors, for example, are rounded off by attractive recessed handles that may be either circular or square and either lockable or non-lockable. The wealth of variety in FSB products that range from door and window handles to a barrier-free grab- and handrail system, and specifically its ErgoSystem® A100 offering, is conducive to a common stylistic thread that likewise extends to sanitary areas.

Perfectly coordinated product diversity inside and out

FSB’s end-to-end approach can be sensed as soon as one makes to enter a building. FSB supplies a matching selection of knob backplates, knobs, security fittings, push/pull pad handles and door pulls for internal and building-entrance doors. Complementing its extensive stock range, the premium hardware manufacturer from Brakel also provides scope for customers to design a door pull to match a lever-handle model already selected and for it to be produced either as a one-off or in large production runs for major projects. All the various types of fitting in a given FSB design collection are invariably available end-to-end in the same material and finish: FSB exclusively manufactures all its products in either Aluminium, Stainless Steel or Bronze. These are durable, high-quality, proven materials that either retain their natural appearance or are lastingly stained or coated.

About FSB
FSB has been boldly focusing on perfection for more than 140 years now and is a byword the world over for visually and functionally peerless hardware solutions for doors and windows and for barrier-free sanitary fit-outs of the highest order. Architects and builders’ clients relish reaching out for products from Brakel in recognition of FSB’s great design expertise and profound understanding of the requirements of modern construction. Everything in any way associated with handle culture in built spaces is catered to from a single source.

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