FSB lever handles with value-added:

ergonomic functioning plus maximum hygiene

Ruling out all risk of infection in hospitals, care facilities and, indeed, public buildings in general is more important than ever these days. Architects and clients alike benefit from the experience amassed over a great many years by premium hardware manufacturer FSB when it comes to fitting out buildings heavily frequented by the public. The company impresses with solutions conceived specifically for use in the Health & Care sector that include ergonomic lever handles of innovative angular design, a highly efficacious anti-infection coating and materials selected for their innate ability to ward off germs.

Opening doors hands-free: FSB 1287
By cutting out the need for manual contact, the latest creation by FSB designers Markus Michalski and Michael Schmidt affords enhanced protection against infection whilst also opening up new horizons for hands. The handle is operated with the user’s forearm resting against a quarter-turn end section – known as the “return-to-door” – whilst nestling in the handle’s upwardly-bent grip. The optimum height of the return-to-door was identified as being 111 cm on the basis of statistical data on average body measurements. Placing an arm on the handle then requires remarkably little effort. This fit-for-heavy-duty model can be operated regardless of the user’s angle of approach (from the left or right). The door can be safely opened, leaving hands free to perform tasks such as steering medical equipment along or carrying a tray or some other work implement. FSB 1287 is supplied as standard with FSB’s anti-infection coating (AIC).

Cuts out 99.99 % of germs: FSB's anti-infection coating (AIC)
Launched in 2019 and available for all products in stainless steel, FSB’s AIC anti-infection coating guarantees a 99.99% reduction in multi-resistant pathogens and its lifelong efficacy has been certified as per ISO 22 196 JIS Z 2801:2010. The coating is scratch-proof pursuant to DIN EN ISO 1518 as well as being resistant to all standard cleaning agents and disinfectants and is hence suitable for continuous use. AIC makes for greater safety wherever large numbers of people come into contact with lever handles and the risk of infection is correspondingly higher.

Multifunctional lever handle: FSB 1155
The ergonomic angular design of the FSB 1155 model allows it to be operated either by hand or elbow. Developed on the basis of scientific insights gained by FSB in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, the handle provides firm support for the elbow and in this way can be safely operated. FSB 1155 comes in Stainless Steel, a material that is extremely corrosionresistant as well as being impervious to knocks and scratches. Stainless Steel forms an invisible passive layer, moreover, that provides it with a high level of resistance to cleaning agents and disinfectants. The material selected additionally contributes to achieving the objective of hygienic use.

Natural resistance to germs: FSB fittings in Bronze
Owing to the high fraction of copper in the material, germs are killed more rapidly on bronze than on other metal surfaces and are effectively cut back. Clinical studies reveal that 99.9 % of bacteria on copper-alloy surfaces are destroyed immediately or within two hours of contact. An alloy of copper and tin containing at least 60 % of the former is required before a material can be designated as being bronze. The high-quality alloy of 92% copper and 8% tin used for FSB’s Bronze Collection combines with an uncoated surface to cause a constant flow of copper ions to be released from the material that actively deprive multi-resistant germs of the conditions they need to thrive in – and do so for the handle’s entire life. Products in bronze by Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH + Co KG boast excellent corrosion control credentials, moreover, are of great hardness, and are visually compelling in any area of application due to their acquiring a natural patina in the course of use and as a result of environmental influences.

About FSB
FSB is a byword the world over for visually and functionally top-quality hardware solutions for doors and windows, electronic access solutions and sanitary fit-outs. Architects and builders’ clients favour reaching out for products from Brakel owing to FSB’s great design expertise and its pro-found understanding of the requirements of modern construction. Every-thing in any way associated with handle culture in built spaces is catered to from a single source.

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