ErgoSystem® by FSB:

One system, two variants for barrier-free sanitary fit-outs

With its ErgoSystem®, FSB delivers an all-embracing range of products that sets benchmarks in barrier freedom for modern sanitary setups. This top-notch system facilitates custom configurations for differing operator or building-client requirements by dint of handrails, dropdown support rails and seat solutions that can be combined with a wide range of accessories. ErgoSystem® is available in two contemporary categories: the premium E300 system in Stainless Steel is particularly suitable for upscale fit-outs, whilst the universally deployable A100 system in Aluminium is a budget-conscious option for old people’s and nursing homes amongst other things.

Common to both system segments is the fundamental notion, unique to the marketplace, of a diagonally aligned, oval cross-section that rigorously observes the ergonomics of good grip to deliver unparalleled convenience and dependable support. The hand snugly encloses an elliptical crosssection. The effort involved is distributed evenly between all finger joints and optimum use is made of all parts of the hand. As a result, far less force needs to be exerted by the hand than is the case with a circular cross-section. This enables people of all ages, from toddlers to senior citizens, to benefit from design that has been cannily conceived down to the last detail.

ErgoSystem® demonstrates that barrier freedom can work well whilst also looking good. Its products’ clean-lined, pared-down visuals fit in well with any style of bathroom, giving sanitary units a truly timeless appearance. The design’s classiness is underlined by a plethora of honours that include the AIT Innovation Award, the red dot design award and the German Design Award.

FSB additionally caters to changing requirements with a system that allows spaces to be flexibly fitted out with ErgoSystem® products: items such as drop-down support rails and tip-up shower seats can be attached to a prefitted bearer plate as and when required. When these are not in use, the bearer plate is elegantly obscured by a cover plate.

All hand and grab rails by FSB are optionally available with an antibacterial coating.

ErgoSystem® E300 in Stainless Steel: premium partner for individual needs

Top-quality Stainless Steel with a satin-matt sheen is the material used for the E300 system, making it the Number One choice for select architectural fit-outs in, for instance, private wards, nursing institutions or hotels.

It is underpinned by a series of high-quality handholds in a variety of forms and lengths for all conceivable areas of application. Boasting more than 400 separate products in all, the E300 system affords planners and builders’ clients a high degree of freedom in how they design their barrier-free sanitary units. The various handrails with their attendant sets of brackets can be produced in customised lengths conducive to even greater flexibility. Existing fixing points or other structural features can then be taken specific account of. Suicide-deterrent variants of selected products from the ErgoSystem® E300 range are additionally available for use in special areas such as prisons, forensic units or psychiatric establishments.

ErgoSystem® A100 in Aluminium: for all-round gripping comfort

The budget-conscious ErgoSystem® A100 range is the ideal choice wherever dependable support is of the essence. The system features rails of unique forward-slanting oval cross-section that can be effortlessly enveloped by the hand and it also provides extra gripping space: brackets set at an angle of 45° to the wall mean there is plenty of room for taking hold of the rail, thus maximising user convenience. Wall, bracket and rail form a triangular entity that ensures a high degree of ruggedness and stability.

ErgoSystem® A100 can be custom-adapted to specific interiors and settings by dint of its variable colour constellations. The colours of brackets/ structural parts and hand/grab-rails can be freely combined, in the process facilitating sufficient contrast to ensure optimum visibility and readability within a space.

The A100 range of products is perfectly geared to virtually any application. Custom-configurable sets of handrails with bespoke profiles that can be cut to length on site make for simplified planning and assembly.

About FSB

The FSB acronym is a byword the world over for visually and functionally top-quality system solutions for doors and windows – and a lot more besides. Architects and builders’ clients are favourably disposed towards products from Brakel because they see us as having great design expertise and a profound understanding of the requirements of modern construction. Everything that has anything at all to do with handle culture in built spaces - be it classic hardware, electronic access control or our ErgoSystem ® for barrier-free sanitary fit-outs - is catered to from a single source.

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