FSB ASL® - the new bearing from FSB

Added benefits, flexibility and value

The FSB ASL® bearing sets new standards. FSB ASL® is a considerably enhanced and upgraded version of its predecessor bearing.

Now concealed, the bearing is not only mechanically superior but better looking. The added positive spring force allows the FSB ASL® to carry the new Transitions Series of forged brass levers.

FSB ASL® is available with all FSB North American lockset series (SML – Standard Mortise Lock, NML – Narrow Mortise Lock, HLL- Tubular lock, and SLL – Sliding Lever lock). Designed to directly support the North American market FSB ASL® comes with the lever set screw on the bottom for enhanced aesthetics.

FSB ASL® installation is simple and quick. Its design was geared to meet the many and varied demands made of public project buildings. Time is money and FSB ASL® significantly reduces installation time and costly installation errors.

The quality attributes you have come to know and love from FSB have been taken to the next level with FSB ASL®. Impressive functional engineering, discreet design, and added spring force insure that what you can’t see is as beautiful as what you can.

FSB ASL® boasts impressively functional engineering together with a discreet design in which the guide ring is no longer visible!

 FSB ASL® at a glance

All FSB North America Locksets

As of 1 April 2017, only the new ASL rose will be supplied with FSB North America locksets.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Fits all FSB North American locksets series
  • Better aesthetics with concealed guide ring
  • Faster installation
  • Additional spring force for HLL Series latches
  • Bearing fixed but free to rotate
  • Stainless steel-reinforced base

Product variants

  • Roses RA, RD, and RM
  • ED escutcheon
  • All lever designs


The adaptor technology adopted makes for extremely simple and rapid assembly;

* The sub-rose is secured to the door leaf first independently of the finish rose and lever.
* The spindle installation is simple and less critical

Stainless steel-reinforced base

The combination of stainless-steel reinforcement and GFR plastic significantly enhances the tensile forces to which FSB ASL® hardware can be subjected.


Fastening by means of through-fixed bolting with retention lugs and machine screws.

Solid spindle

The 8-mm solid spindle caters to standard door thicknesses of from 1-3/8 to 2-1/4 inches. Wider door thicknesses to order.

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