Quality that can be tangibly experienced

Fine detail of hospitality.

The door opens, the host extends a welcome: hello, nice to see you!

Won’t you come in? Can I get you a drink? Please take a seat. Feel at home. May I introduce...? Cheers! Tuck in! Do you like the meal? Please, thank you. Do make yourself comfortable. Later on: goodbye and have a safe journey home. Sandwiched in between: stimulating conversation, delicious food and a nice drop.

Cultures may differ but hospitality rites are similar the world over.

It’s a host’s hearty warmth that lingers in the mind after a pleasant visit. Hosts let us in on their outlook through what they say and the things that they show us in their homes. There are many people who advocate an attitude whereby quality that can be seen and felt raises the value of life.

Hospitable people accordingly lay great store by how their homes are appointed.

Anyone who believes that size is decisive is mistaken. As in everything, it is the fine detail that makes the difference. It’s not about pools, TVs or fleets of vehicles. Quality that can be tangibly experienced commences with the feel of the door bell, glass, cutlery or napkin and ends – after an evening that’s gone wonderfully well – with the sound of the front door closing.

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