System solutions for residential buildings

Design and function for any setting

How many doors have you already passed through today? You will surely admit that a well-shaped door handle makes a pleasant impression. It is a means, no less, of establishing direct contact with the building. It provides an idea of the bigger picture, of the style and ultimately the status of a building.

Whether what’s involved is an art nouveau affair, a period residential quarter or a modern architect’s villa, the door and window fittings for it need to be selected with the same care as is accorded other key elements in the building’s fit-out and interior design. Only once all aspects have been perfectly coordinated does the house acquire a distinctive charm and sense of specialness. Our product range offers you a unique selection in this respect. Almost every design can be applied end to end to all windows and doors – in up to 18 varieties of material and finish, incidentally, and optionally combined with the benefits of our M100 system solution for electronic access management.

When stating that we cater to all aspects of handle culture in built spaces from a single source, we are not “merely” referring to our fittings for doors and windows, moreover. Our barrier-free ErgoSystem® A100 in Aluminium, for instance, lives its superlative qualities out in the whole of the bathroom. Nothing is left to chance – everything from drop-down support rail to tip-up shower seat, from shower-head holder to tooth-mug, is perfectly attuned to the people who use it. Design, convenience and safety accordingly go hand in hand.

FSB Manual and brochures

Straight from the printers to your desk

As informative as they come

The FSB Manual has been a dependable companion to those planning and equipping architectural projects the world over for several decades now. The 13th edition devotes over 800 pages to a vast range of systems and solutions for doors, windows and barrier-free homes. Is it already in your hands? The FSB Manual and our comprehensive system and product brochures ensure you are always kept in the know and up to date.

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