FSB AGL® compensating bearing

Speed and precision

AGL® by FSB has been a byword for unsurpassed heavy-duty hardware for over three decades now. AGL® delivers product and assembly benefits that set new benchmarks for doors. Its extreme durability has been proven a million times over.

As well as having become the measure of all things amongst architects, AGL® has been impressing fabricators, builders’ clients, operators and investors alike for more than 30 years now with its well-conceived engineering and functional durability. FSB recently re-addressed itself to this classic and in the process revamped it without, however, altering its technical nucleus or proven functionalities.

  • Rotatably fixed compensating bearing with low-friction, no-maintenance Teflon-coated bushing
  • Compensating bearing to offset any assembly or manufacturing tolerances in the interplay between boreholes, locks/lock mortices and Stabil spindles
  • Positive locking of male and female parts for optimised absorption by the door leaf of forces exerted
  • Pre-assembled as male and female adaptor half-sets
  • Outperforms User Class 4/EN 1906 with more than a million tested operations

AGL® – effortless screw fastening due to use of adaptor half-sets. The benefit: the two AGL® half-sets can be screwed together with utter simplicity due to it no longer being necessary to “screw past” the handle or handle neck.

FSB AGL® at a glance

Product variants

  • Rose sets (round + angled, surfacemounted) with PC, WL and CH-RC keyways as well as for bathrooms
  • Short and long backplate furniture (oval + angular) with PC, WL and CH-RC keyways as well as for bathrooms
  • All variants as lever/knob sets
  • Stabil spindle for door thicknesses from 39–48 mm
  • Version for thicknesses of 29–98 mm likewise suppliable; further thicknesses to order
  • Spindle thicknesses 8, 8.5 and 9 mm
  • Materials Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Bronze

Straightforward, fabricator-friendly assembly

AGL® sets have been specially design-engineered to vastly simplify assembly: the female handle has been decoupled from that part of its shank in which the FSB Stabil spindle is secured. The door handle is only secured to this female-handle adaptor half-set once the latter has been fastened to the male handle face.

Effortless screw fastening due to use of adaptor half-sets

The glaring benefit: the two halves of the set can be effortlessly screwed together due to it no longer being necessary to “screw past” the handle or handle neck. Battery-powered screwdrivers can be held axially and hence exactly aligned with the screw. The handle is then slotted over the adaptor and secured to the adaptor half-set using a grub screw. The design engineering of the FSB Stabil spindle, tried and tested for decades, has not been altered. All AGL® set types will in future incorporate this engineering principle.

Class B positive mechanism

A positive mechanism with spring pretensioning pursuant to EN 1906/Type of Operation B puts an end to handle sag.

Exact 0° positioning

AGL® furniture also features a 0° stop built into the positive mechanism that ensures handles are always perfectly horizontal when at rest. They usually tend to be pulled about 2 degrees upwards from their – ideally horizontal – position by the lock spring. The AGL® positive mechanism offsets
any effects of the lock spring from the outset.