FSB makes the grade

Door levers spanning class-rooms to gyms

Conventional analogue and electronic access solutions from Brakel are to be found wherever a maximum of dependability and durability are called for. Our fittings and sets conforming to DGUV specifications guarantee exhaustive, end-to-end fit-outs – in everything from class-rooms to gyms.

Door lever handles conforming to DGUV

Section 1 (1) of the regulations of the German Statutory Accident Insurance body (DGUV), “Fixtures & fittings”, stipulates that, in “areas of occupancy” (these being areas in schools and nursery schools that are “intended to be accessible to children”), “edges, corners and hooks on fixtures & fittings in the area of occupancy (…) are, up to a height of 2 m from floor level, to be so designed or made safe that the risk of injury to children is avoided.” Injury avoidance is to be ensured by means of a minimum radius of 2 mm or by chamfering all corners and edges and this also applies to door fittings. As would seem natural, only return models to EN 179 are used, even if they are not explicitly specified. Doors and windows are given special consideration in Section 10 of the regulations, but the attendant fittings are not. Insurance companies and building supervisory authorities accordingly do not issue certificates for specific models of door handle.

However, our experience in 30 years of work on buildings for schools and nursery schools shows that the following FSB models are approved across Germany:

FSB 1054

FSB 1070

FSB 1117

FSB 1119

FSB 1146

FSB 1160

FSB 1232

Recessed lever handle conforming to DGUV

Certain assembly scenarios preclude lever handles from projecting beyond the face of the door, as in the case of sliding-door systems or gymnasium doors.

In this respect, FSB 77 7948 was subject to the requirements of both DIN EN 179 (including an enlarged gripping area behind the handle) and DGUV. The lever handle designed to DIN EN 179 features a “return” and generous curvature that significantly reduce all risk of hands getting caught or pinched. Recessed handle FSB 77 7948 is combined on the other face with a rose half-set from FSB’s heavy-duty range (AGL®).

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