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Fittings for prisons, forensic and psychiatric units

FSB has long experience of making products for prisons, forensic units and psychiatric institutions. Dedicated fittings and fitments from Brakel meet the specific requirements (and then some) of such establishments as regards operability, ruggedness, escape prevention, vandal-proofness and suicide deterrence.

Fittings for doors can, for instance, take the form of knobset FSB 96 2399 or lever/lever set FSB 96 7099. The doorknob is shaped as a stub-ended cone with finger recesses in a particularly rugged design with a special rose enclosing the knob’s shank. The lever/lever set has a conical shank and grip sections pointing 45° downwards on both sides. Both sets of hardware make it impossible to attach cords or ropes, thus lessening the likelihood of suicidal acts.

The same principle is reflected in window handles designed to accept single profile cylinders as well as in security hardware and roses. Wall-mounted doorstops of a particularly solid design and with a special form of fastening are just the job for the likes of heavy cell doors.

Security is assured in bathrooms and toilets by a vandal-deterrent wall mirror and shower curtain rails with a re-usable locking mechanism. Shower rails, shower head holders for single-handed operation, wall hooks with re-usable clip fastenings, non-detachable foldaway hooks and toilet accessories (thumbturns and toilet-roll holders) complete the range supplied.

Experience has shown that the institutions involved adopt a variety of security concepts with specific points of focus and, hence, that it is generally necessary to liaise with the relevant security specialists when developing specialised hardware and fitment solutions. FSB is the ideal point of contact here. We are particularly strong on planning and producing wholly customised solutions for specific security requirements.