System solutions for Civic/Commercial buildings

Interfaces between people and architecture

Architects, builders’ clients and fabricators all appreciate our all-inclusive approach. Our products heed the requirements of modern Civic/Commercial buildings, the ergonomics of gripping, the significance of handles as “functional add-ons to the human hand” and the interaction between functionality and design.

The FSB acronym is a byword the world over for door handles of supreme aesthetic and functional quality, crafted to perfection in materials for the age, that are to be encountered in New York’s Museum of Modern Art just as they are in buildings by architects of the highest international repute. Specialist expertise acquired over more than 135 years serves as a nucleus for, and a force driving, the single-minded further development of our product range. We cater to all aspects of handle culture in built spaces from a single source.

We have always looked upon Civic/Commercial construction as an architectural undertaking of overarching social significance. This inevitably entails a product philosophy that is geared towards first-class quality and is hence sustainable. FSB has signally aided the cause of sustainable architecture with environmental product declarations for specific materials pursuant to DIN EN 15804 that cover no fewer than 25,000 items. They apply unrestrictedly to our classic “Civic/Commercial” hardware just as they do to all products in our barrier-free ErgoSystem and our innovative solutions for electronic access management.

FSB Manual and brochures

Straight from the printers to your desk

As informative as they come

The FSB Manual has been a dependable companion to those planning and equipping architectural projects the world over for several decades now. The 13th edition devotes over 800 pages to a vast range of systems and solutions for doors, windows and barrier-free homes. Is it already in your hands? The FSB Manual and our comprehensive system and product brochures ensure you are always kept in the know and up to date.