Drop-down support rail with integrated toilet-roll holder on underside and integrated function button for washstands and toilets, with adjustable spring loading, for optimised grip and support, double-elliptical/triangular hand-hold shape, non-handed, 42 by 45 mm in cross-section, plastic function button, acts to flush the toilet or else can be used for freely definable functions, cable run with free lead end for wall connection, button: Ingress Protection Class IP67, nominal contact ratings: 32 V AC, 400mA/50V DC, 100 mA, max. contact resistance 50m Ohm, bounce time: 1 ms, insulation resistance: 1 G Ohm, dielectric strength: 1,000 V AC, actuating force: 3N, for all standard concealed cisterns with electric control, Powder-Coated Aluminium.
Incl. concealed fixing in Aluminium, 214 x 105 mm, plus fastenings for solid masonry.