Closed recessed pull furniture

for bathrooms and toilets

FSB’s closed recessed pulls for flush mounting to sliding doors have already made quite a name for themselves: indeed, this formally and functionally innovative hardware solution was given an “honourable mention” by the red dot design awards jury.

Closed flush pulls ensure a uniform appearance for the door leaf. The operating aperture is always blanked out by a flap that springs neatly into the closed position when the hardware is not being used. Hardware and door are suffused into a single entity in this way – the door’s design credentials are significantly enhanced as a result.

Smooth presence for sliding doors serving bathrooms and toilets

With FSB 4255 9000 and FSB 4255 9001, we are adding furniture for bathrooms and toilets to our range of flush pulls. As well as being visually compelling, the Class 3 sliding-door mortise lock and striking plate supplied with the hardware (71/WC or 72/WC series) also guarantee straightforward assembly and dependable functioning thanks to the precision with which all components harmonise with one another. No visible fixings are required. We recommend performing all routing work on a CNC-basis so as to ensure a perfect fit for our new recessed pulls.