Lever handle with privacy function

Security at a click

One thing is for sure, this lever has more. Standard door-locking mechanisms require an additional rose for key or thumbturn, whereas our lever handle with privacy function is all in one piece. Pressing a button locks it – and just as straightforwardly releases it again. This minimalist solution’s good looks are matched by how well it functions.

The trend in premium-quality civic/commercial and residential construction is towards minimalism. Cases in point are non-rebated flush doors with concealed hinges or lever/lever sets that do without a key rose. Less is more (value)!

Products blend in unobtrusively with their surroundings but need, at the same time, to remain visible and functional for those who use them. That also applies in respect of bathroom/toilet doors – or of any other door expected to afford privacy when required.

FSB has rethought the locking process by integrating it directly into the handle rose in its FSB ASL® hardware. That may sound like precision mechanics but is actually quite basic: as with the action of a ballpoint pen, pressing the button causes the

handle to be locked, and pressing it again has the opposite effect. Wholly in the spirit of universal design, the furniture can be conveniently operated with one hand.

The privacy button is located on the inside of the door. An inspection slot indicates whether the door is open or locked, though this can be dispensed with, in which case the position of the privacy button alone will show whether the handle is locked or not. An emergency release device fitted on the outside ensures a safe outcome if the worst comes to the worst.

The new privacy-button lever handle is available with a round or an angular rose and in all FSB materials (Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze) and can be combined with any FSB ASL® lever-handle model.

Available as of the 4th quarter of 2020,
all technical data subject to modification

Furniture in opened state

Furniture in closed state