Glass-door fitting

High-class horizontal design

Transparency well worth looking into. Whether installed in new buildings or in the course of renovation or modernisation projects, glass doors are “ en vogue” in the best possible way. They give their fittings a far higher profile than any other type of door, placing these firmly within our field of vision. Our new glass-door fitting is strikingly elegant and serves as a subtle point of focus in a space.

Glass has always been versatile both as a means of design and as a shaping material in architecture. Glass doors carry this role into the sphere of interior design – irrespective of whether adopted for civic/commercial buildings, select interior finishing jobs or residential ventures.

Glass doors have an accentuating effect that effectively enhances their surroundings. They are conducive to greater levels of light, convey an expansive sense of space and thus make for a particularly congenial atmosphere.

FSB is now adding a horizontal variant to its range of glass-door fittings that opens up new design options.

The two elements merge into a single compact entity when beheld. It combines with a plethora of FSB lever-handle designs with circular necks to deliver solutions adapted to any interior and setting.

FSB’s new horizontal glass-door fitting is available in Aluminium or Stainless Steel in both non-lockable and lockable variants. The range additionally includes companion hinges and a strike-box.

Item numbers

13 4231 00001 (no keyway)
13 4231 00010 (with PC keyway)
13 4231 01001 (strike box)

Material finishes:
Silver Anodised Aluminium (FSB 0105)
Stainless Steel Brushed Satin Matt (FSB 6204)

13 4232 00001 (hinge)

The hinge is only supplied in Aluminium. Finish FSB 3427 (Anodised Aluminium with a Stainless Steel look) is available for use in combination with glass-door fittings in Stainless Steel.

Available as of the 2nd quarter of 2020

13 4231
Horizontal glass-door fitting in Stainless Steel Brushed Satin Matt (FSB 6204)

13 4231
Horizontal glass-door fitting in Stainless Steel Brushed Satin Matt (FSB 6204) lever handle FSB 1267