The compact entry-level solution

M100 encapsulates the features and ergonomic benefits of electronic access-management systems in a compact starter edition. Its far lower degree of complexity compared to conventional systems - there are no additional software installations, training sessions or external programming devices involved - makes M100 the ideal choice for buildings that have few doors or are subject to tight budgets.

What sets M100 apart from classic complex systems and its “big brother”, M500, is the way access rights are managed. Whereas this is conventionally done via a stationary software solution, M100, with its door-fitting-based programming takes a different approach, thereby simplifying your initial steps into a networked, stand-alone system for electronic access management.

At the centre of M100 are four key cards with MIFARE™ DESFire EV1 technology, which enable assignment or deletion of access rights directly on doors: one master card, one key card (the key itself – also available in the form of a keyring pendant) together with a clone card and the office card.

The ‘teaching’ (programming) or deletion of a key is remarkably simple. The master is held up to the door fitting to initiate the programming process. The key or the clone is then held up. Finished! Access authorisation has been granted and the key is ready for use. If you wish to grant the option of activating permanent enable (Office function), after the master, the office card is first held up close. The key and clone are paired with one another in the factory so that selective teaching or deletion of the key is possible only by means of the clone if it is not to hand.

Progress made in the programming process is indicated by a red/green LED in the rose as well as by acoustic signals. M100 is supplied from the works as a preconfigured “turnkey” product. The system is assigned a suite-dedicated code that makes ordering spares and add-ons a very uncomplicated affair.

In addition to sets for flush, glass and narrow-frame doors, it is also possible to deploy readers (wall-mounted) for the actuation of further functions. An armoured fitting acts to secure external points of access. In terms of both looks and materials, it marries the virtues of traditional mechanical fittings to those with an electronic access function in a manner that is unique in the Civic/Commercial sector.

M100 can be upgraded to M500 at any time, thus ensuring flexible responses to rising building-management requirements.


Technology and description of functions

ID medium can be authenticated without any need for contact using passive transponder technology via the electronics module. The electronics module in the key rose will automatically identify a medium as authorised or unauthorised as soon as it is held in its immediate vicinity. Although the ID medium’s transponder carries specific and individually programmable information, it does not need a battery and is completely maintenance-free.

Passive transponder technology

Passive transponder technology means that the energy needed for communication and to run internal processes comes exclusively from the reading unit’s field. As a result, the ID medium does not need its own power supply.

The electronics module of the M-system uses MIFARE™ chip technology by NXP. Data communication takes place at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. In conjunction with the key cards based on MIFARE™ DESFire EV1, secure encryption with a system-specific security feature is guaranteed. Technology meets the highest security requirements and corresponds to current state-of-the-art standards.

FS approval for fire doors

Electronic fittings from FSB simplify planning work considerably as well as offering reliability with regard to liability and complaints. With respect to use on fire safety components, electronic fittings by FSB are approved for fire safety and meet the applicable requirements according to DIN 18 273. Over and above this, they can even be used for emergency exits with door handles pursuant to DIN EN 179 in conjunction with suitable locks.

Both for renovations and for new buildings, the advantages are clear: owing to its FS approval, electronic access management systems can be installed on corresponding fire doors, without having to add the use of the fitting to the building’s monitoring documents. Already existing FS doors or even FS doors preconfigured with other fittings can continue to be used without any problems, and electronic fittings by FSB can be used to bring them in line with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

System features and system benefits

Features of the system

  • For private residential buildings, ideal for small commercial buildings
  • For buildings with system requirements with low-level complexity
  • Low budget due to card-based programming
  • No need for software, time-consuming administration or special hardware or programming devices
  • Teaching and deletion of access rights is contact-free by holding up the master and key/clone
  • Flexible administration of access authorisations for keys on fittings and readers
  • As per EN 1906 class 4
  • Approval as per DIN 18 273 (smoke- and fireproof doors)
  • Approval as per DIN EN 179 (emergency exit locks), in combination with APK locks
  • Contact-free communication between keys and fittings or readers
  • Passive technology with MIFARE™ DESFire EV1 transponders in conjunction with security features specific to the installation
  • Keys contain an identification characteristic that is specific to the installation
  • Both individual access and office function possible
  • Modular and flexibly extendible locking system
  • Power supplied to fittings via lithium battery 3.6 V 1/2 AA; service life approx. 2.5 years depending on type of function and operating frequency
  • The access information is stored in the fitting or the reader

Advantages of the system

  • If the key is lost:
    · High level of organisational security and low maintenance costs by simply deleting lost keys
    · It is not necessary to replace parts of the locking system
  • Quick response times and contact-free electronic identification,
  • combined with particularly convenient operation of the hardware using the door handle
  • Unlimited flexibility when changing room usage and lock authorizations
  • The only door fitting solution on the market that uses roses with a classic homelike look
  • Available in aluminium, stainless steel, brass and bronze
  • Available in various handle designs, custom versions possible on request
  • Suitable for interior doors made of glass, wood and steel as well as framed doors; the only electronic access control door fitting solution for full glass doors on the market
  • Door-fitting-based solution
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Simple supply of emergency power via external 9 V battery (in case of security fitting for external doors, can be opened in an emergency using mechanical locking cylinder)
  • Easy to handle for the user due to uniform operating and signalling concept

Planning benefits

  • Stand-alone solution which does not require on-site preparations for electrical power or connections to external interfaces
  • Power is supplied to the door fitting independently of the electrical network using an integrated battery for maximum flexibility from the planning phase onwards
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Simple and flexible applicability, suit-able for all Euro cylinder locks to DIN standards
    · from a pin size of 50 mm with an operating angle of max. 30° for rose fittings,
    · from a pin size of 30 mm with an operating angle of max. 30° for tubular frame fittings and
    · from a pin size of 35 mm with an operating angle of max. 39° for security fittings
  • Simple and straightforward retrofitting of existing doors and locks
  • External entrances: unique combination of technology, convenience and security effect by combining M-security fittings with self-locking systems
  • Harmonised component from FSB’s comprehensive range of door and window fittings and products for equipping the interiors of large buildings
  • Customer-oriented organisational philosophy inside the factory: all of the electronic components which belong to a building are given a dedicated security parameter
  • Maximum reliability for orders: only persons who possess the master are able to order additional components
  • System upgrades, e. g. from M100 to M500 are possible without replacing the door fittings or readers

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